Do You Want to Enroll by Phone Using NovaConnect?
You can enroll, add, drop and swap classes over the telephone using NovaConnect. However, you may encounter a busy signal during the first few days of enrollment due to heavy usage. Please don’t be discouraged — do call back! If possible, use the NovaConnect Web option to enroll at

To access NovaConnect Telephone:

  • Call 703-323-3770 or 703-330-3770 (from Prince William County), listening carefully to the instructions.

  • Use the touchtone telephone “#” and “*” keys.

  • Although the system will allow you sufficient time to enter each request, a long pause may disconnect your call.

  • Have the necessary enrollment information in front of you when you call.

  • Remember that you bear financial responsibility for any classes you do not attend and do not officially drop.

Do You Have a Hold on Your Records? (Service Indicator)
If you have a service indicator (hold) on your record, it will prevent you from enrolling. The hold will show on the Welcome page of NovaConnect Web. The message will indicate the office that placed the hold. Please contact that office or the College Call Center at 703-323-3000.

Do You Need Help Enrolling?
If you are having trouble enrolling, call the IT Help Desk at 703-426-4141 or a Campus Student Services Center.

Do You Need to Update Your Address?
Use NovaConnect to update your address or use the information update form available online at or at any NOVA campus Student Services Center.

Do You Want to Make a Schedule Adjustment?

  • You may make schedule changes (adding, dropping, or swapping courses) by using NovaConnect Web or Telephone. We recommend that you print a copy of your course schedule by using NovaConnect.

  • During the “Schedule Adjustment with Permission” period, you can still drop a course using NovaConnect. However, to add a course you must obtain the written permission of both the faculty member and the division dean. The academic divisions have the forms necessary for adding during this period.

Do You Need to Withdraw from a Course?
If you need to drop a course after the “Last Day for Tuition Refund” deadline, you may withdraw using NovaConnect until the 60% date for the class (“Last Day to Withdraw without Grade Penalty”). You can also submit a Withdrawal Initiated by Student Form 125-47 to your instructor by that deadline (see Important Dates). You can download this form from the NOVA Web site at

After the 60% date, most withdrawals will result in a grade of U or F. You must use the Withdrawal Form to document mitigating circumstances and receive approval from your instructor and division dean in order to receive a grade of W. If you simply stop attending or try to withdraw using NovaConnect after the 60% date, you will receive an F or U in the course. Your tuition will not be refunded, regardless of the grade you receive if you withdraw after the refund period.


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