Touchtone Telephone Registration is also available for students who want to register, add, drop, and swap classes over the telephone. However, you may encounter a busy signal the first couple of days of registration due to heavy usage. Please don’t be discouraged—call back. If possible, use the NovaConnect Web option to register at To access NovaConnect Telephone, call 703-323-3770 or 703-330-3770 (from Prince William County). Listen carefully to the instructions. Use the touchtone telephone “#” and “*” keys. Although the system will allow you sufficient time to enter each request, a long pause may disconnect your call. Have the necessary registration information in front of you when you call. It is your responsibility to withdraw from any classes that you do not plan to attend.

If you have a Service Indicator (Hold) on your record, it will prevent you from registering. The hold will show on the Welcome page of NovaConnect Web. The message will indicate the office that placed the hold. Please contact the office that placed the hold or contact the College Call Center at 703-323-3000.

If you are having trouble registering, call the IT Help Desk at 703-426-4141 or the College Call Center at 703-323-3000.

You are urged to see an NVCC counselor or faculty advisor for appropriate course selection before you register for classes. Basic skills assessment testing in reading, writing, and math may be required. Some courses require specific placement tests before you can register. Your test results must be entered by the Testing Center before you can register for the class. Please refer to the General Information section of the Schedule of Classes or contact the Counseling Services Center or Testing Center at any campus for details.


  • For your reference, complete the Registration Worksheet before calling to register. Retain the worksheet for future reference or print out your schedule using NovaConnect.

  • If you are selecting both a lecture and a lab in a course such as Biology, Chemistry, or English, be sure you follow the instructions in the Schedule of Classes, if matching lecture and lab sections are required.

  • If you change your schedule, you are advised to drop classes before adding classes.

  • Be sure your courses do not conflict in time.

NovaConnect can be used to register for Honors courses. In some cases, you can qualify by your test scores. For other courses, permission must be given by the Honors faculty or Counseling Services Center.


  • Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) payments for all registrations must be made using either the NovaConnect Telephone or Web system. If you plan to pay with check, cash, or money order, you must pay in person at a campus Business Office by August 1. If your employer has authorized the College to invoice for your tuition, you should take that authorization to the campus Business Office after you have registered, but before the tuition payment deadline. Students who have received an official Financial Aid award letter from the NVCC College Financial Aid Office may us that money to pay tuition.

  • If you register between July 12 and July 31, payment for all classes is due by 5:00 p.m. on August 1.

  • If you register August 1 or later, payment for all classes is due by the end of the next business day or your classes may be dropped!

  • Use NovaConnect Web to print a copy of your account information.

  • Refund of tuition for dropped classes will be processed in the usual manner. If you have paid your tuition fees by credit card, refunds will be credited to your credit card account only when you use the Web NovaConnect to process your refund. All other refunds will be issued as checks payable to the student. Credit card refunds will not be processed by the Business Offices.

  • In order to avoid financial responsibility, you must drop a class if you decide not to attend.

Use NovaConnect to update your address or use the change of address form located on the back cover of the Schedule of Classes.

If you applied for admission or attended NVCC prior to the past nine semesters, contact any Admissions and Records Office to change your record to reflect a continuing status before using NovaConnect.


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