NVCC SPRING 2004 Class Schedule
    Community Education


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    Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
    Engineering Bldg., Room 213
    3001 North Beauregard Street
    Alexandria, VA 22311-5097
    Credit Courses: call (703) 845-6200.
    Non-credit Courses: call (703) 845-6240

    Continuing Education and Workforce Development offers a non-credit Community Program three times a year on a seasonal basis. Our fall spring 2004 program will begin the week of January 20. THIS IS A TENTATIVE LIST OF COURSES. Additions and deletions will be made to this list. The fall catalog will be distributed through the U.S. Postal Service to the zip codes served by the campus. If you do not receive a catalog and would like one, please call 703- 845-6240 or 703-845-6280 and ask for one to be sent.

    CompTIA A+
    Buying a Personal Computer
    CCNA 2.0 Certification Prep 1 (on-line)
    CCNA 2.0 Certification Prep 2 (on-line)
    CCNA 2.0 Certification Prep 3 (on-line)
    Computer Skills for the Workplace (on-line)
    Digital Photography Output! (on-line)
    Introduction to HTML and Web Pages
    HTML II: Dreamweaver & Beginning Graphics
    Imaging for the Web using Fireworks 4 (on-line)
    Introduction to the Internet for Seniors
    Introduction to Dreamweaver 4 (on-line)
    Introduction to JAVA 2 Programming (on-line)
    Introduction to Microsoft Access (on-line)
    Introduction to Microsoft Excel (on-line)
    Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint (on-line)
    Introduction to Microsoft Word (on-line)
    Introduction to Oracle (on-line)
    Introduction to PC Troubleshooting (on-line)
    Introduction to Photoshop 7 (on-line)
    Introduction to Windows XP (on-line)
    JAVA for the Absolute Beginner (on-line)
    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
    CompTIA Network +
    Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (on-line)
    Microsoft Publisher (on-line)
    More Windows
    PC’s for Seniors
    Performing Payroll in Quickbooks (on-line)
    Photoshop 7 for the Absolute Beginner (on-line)
    Trading Worldwide in Nine Weeks (on-line)
    Windows Review


    Programación: Lo Básico Y El Modelo Sequencial
    Programación: El Modelo Estructurado
    Programación: De Objetos


    Accent Reduction
    Advanced Writing Workshop
    Afternoon (level B, C & D)
    Career Track ESL
    Conversational English: Intermediate
    Conversational English: Advanced
    ESL for the Workplace
    Evening (all levels)
    Intensive (all levels)
    Intensive College Prep
    Intermediate Writing Workshop
    Mid-Semester Grammar Review
    Saturday (level B, C &D)
    TOEFL Test Preparation
    Word Processing for ESL Students


    GED Preparation (on-line)
    GMAT Preparation (on-line)
    GRE Preparation I (on-line)
    GRE Preparation II (on-line)
    Land Surveyor Exam Prep
    LSAT Preparation I (on-line)
    LSAT Preparation II (on-line)
    ParaPro Test Prep
    SAT/ACT Preparation I (on-line)
    SAT/ACT Preparation II (on-line)
    TOEFL Test Preparation


    Advanced Conversational French
    Basic Automotive Maintenance and Problem-solving
    Beginning Arabic
    Beginning Conversational French
    Beginning Conversational Spanish
    Beginning Italian
    Conquer Your Stress (on-line)
    Contract Bridge for Beginners
    Creative Coaching
    Debt Elimination Techniques That Work (on-line)
    Dream Interpretation
    Driver Improvement
    French Art in Washington’s Major Museums
    Intermediate Arabic
    Intermediate Conversational French
    Intermediate Modern Dance Repertory
    Introduction to Feng Shui
    Introduction to Great Highland Bagpipes
    Introduction to Investing
    Introduction to Massage Therapy
    Introduction to Natural Health and Healing (on-line)
    Monet and Manet: Impressionist Reflections
    Motorcycle Rider Training
    Painless Pop Piano
    Pleasures of Poetry (on-line)
    Successful Real Estate Investing
    Sure You Can!
    The Joy of Journal Writing
    Travel Writing (on-line)
    Write Your Life Story (on-line)


    Business Information Technology Management Certificate Program
    Business Etiquette
    Business Grammar
    Business Writing
    Communication Strategies
    Editing Technical Materials
    Effective Business Meetings
    Commercial Driver Improvement Clinic
    Computer Skills for the Workplace (on-line)
    Fundamentals of Technical Writing (on-line)
    Organize… or Agonize
    Paralegal Certificate Program (on-line)
    ParaPro Test Prep
    Payroll Certification Series:
    Beginning Payroll
    Intermediate Payroll
    Advanced Payroll
    Performing Payroll in Quickbooks (on-line)
    Professional Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Program
    Project Management Best Practices for Small Business Growth
    The Business of Freelance Writing
    The Keys of Effective Editing (on-line)
    Trading Worldwide in Nine Weeks (on-line)
    Taxes for Small Business



    Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
    8333 Little River Turnpike
    Annandale, VA 22003-3796
    For Non-Credit Courses (listed below): Call (703) 323-3168
    For Credit Courses: Call (703) 323-3400

    This list of courses is subject to change. Some classes will begin in mid January. Flyers with course descriptions will be bulk mailed to area homes by the end of December. Please call if you do not receive a flyer by the first week of January. Registration for classes is on a first-come, first-served basis and may be limited. Check the Web address listed above for the most current information on course offerings.

    Bookkeeping for Small Business
    Business Etiquette
    Business Writing Tips
    Food Service Sanitation
    Starting and Growing a Small Business
    Starting & Operating a Wedding Consultant Business

Business Information Technology Management Certificate
    - Introduction to Information Technology Systems Management
    - Systems Analysis Management
    - Business Process Re-engineering Management
    - Project Management
    - Microsoft Project 2000
    - Information Systems Security Management
    - Data Communications Management

Human Resource Management Certificate
    - Principles of Human Resource Management
    - HR’s Role in Organizational Development & Change Management
    - Human Resources Law
    - Introduction to Compensation
    - Introduction to Employee Benefits
    - Managing Employee Performance
    - Successful Recruitment, Selection and Placement
    - Hiring the Best: Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing Strategies That Work!
    - Managing Workforce Diversity
    - Selecting/Working with Consultants & Human Resource Information Systems
    - Training Design and Implementation
    - Effective Use of Immigration Laws in Recruiting

    Accessing Recreational, Cultural, & Community Service Opportunities
    Adapted Introduction to MS Word & Excel 2000
    Business Skills Training
    Career Assessment and Planning
    Goal Setting and Career Planning
    Healthy, Flavorful Ethnic Cooking
    Job Counseling and Support
    Job Exploration
    Job Training Apprenticeship
    Life 101
    Personal Life Coaching
    Production Methods for Cable TV

    Cartooning for Kids – Introduction, Advanced
    Clay Animation Workshop

    A+ Certification Preparation – Core, Operating Systems Technology
    AutoCAD - Introductory
    AutoCAD - Level I +
    C Language Programming - Introduction, Advanced
    C++ Programming - Introduction, Intermediate
    Certified Network Cabling Technician Program
    Cisco Certified Network Associate – Part I & II
    Computers and Internet for Seniors
    Essentials of Networking
    HTML 1 – Introduction to Web Page Development
    HTML 2 – Advanced Web Page Design (with Dreamweaver 4 Option)
    HTML 3 – Dynamic HTML with Cascading Style Sheets

Java Programming Certificate
    - Enterprise Java Beans
    - Java Message Service (JMS)
    - Java 2 Mobile Edition (J2ME)
    - Java Programming - Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced
    - Java Security
    - Java Servlets & JSP
    - Java and XML
    Jazz Up Your Web Pages with JavaScript
    Linux Networking & Apache
    MS Access 2000 - Introduction, Intermediate, Programming
    MS Excel 2000 – Introduction, Intermediate
    MS PowerPoint 2000 – Introduction, Intermediate
    MS Project 2000
    MS Word 2000 - Introduction, Intermediate
    Network Security – What You Really Need to Know!
    Novell Netware – Past, Present & Future
    Oracle Database Administration – Level I & II
    Oracle SQL & PL/SQL - Version 9i - Introduction, Advanced
    Personal Computers - Windows 98/Office 2000 - Introduction
    Small Office/Home Office Networking
    Smalltalk with Extreme Programming (XP) - Introduction
    Solaris/Linux Network Administration
    Solaris/Linux System Administration – I, II, III & IV
    TCP/IP 2003
    Technology Retraining Internship Program (TRIP)
    Troubleshooting, Maintaining & Upgrading Your PC
    Troubleshooting with Labs
    UNIX - Introduction
    UNIX Scripting Tools
    UNIX Security
    UNIX Shell Programming
    Visual Basic 6.0 – Applied to Word & Excel
    Visual Basic 6.0 Programming - Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
    Visual Basic .NET - Introduction

Web Developer Certificate
    - HTML – Level 1
    - HTML – Level 2
    - Dreamweaver MX – Level 1
    - Dreamweaver MX – Level 2
    - Photoshop 7 – Basic Skills
    - Photoshop 7 – Web Production
    - Fireworks MX – Introduction
    - Flash MX – Introduction
    Wide Area Networks - I & II
    Windows 98/ME/XP - Learning to Operate
    Windows 2000 Professional
    Windows 2000 Server Administration
    Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
    Windows XP Networking

    Advanced Composition - Evenings
    Advanced Reading & Discussion - Mornings & Evenings
    Business Communication for ESL Students - Mornings & Evenings
    Discussion of Current Events and Issues - Evenings & Saturdays
    English Pronunciation for ESL Students - Evenings
    Grammar Clinic for ESL Students - Evenings
    Intensive Pronunciation Workshop - Afternoons
    Intensive Reading and Writing - Afternoons
    Intensive Speaking and Listening - Afternoons
    Intensive Writing Workshop - Afternoons
    Introduction to American Culture- Evenings
    Methods of Teaching ESL-Evenings
    Microsoft Office for ESL Students – Mornings & Evenings
    Reading and Writing - Evenings, Mornings, Saturdays
    Speaking & Listening - Evenings, Mornings, Saturdays
    TOEFL Test Preparation - Mornings, Evenings, Saturdays
    Word Processing for ESL Students - Evenings
    Writing about Current Events and Issues - Evenings & Saturdays

    Advanced Conversational Spanish
    Arabic for the Beginner
    Basic Conversational Arabic – Level II
    Basic Conversational German
    Basic Conversational Spanish – I & II
    Beginning Conversational French
    Beginner’s Italian
    Beginning 35mm Photography
    Body Language - First Impressions
    Body Language in Love & Romance
    Buying the Perfect Home
    Choosing & Qualifying for a Mortgage
    Fundamentals of Interior Design
    How to Relocate Overseas Like a Pro
    Intermediate/Advanced Photography
    Introduction to Feng Shui
    Selling Your Home
    The Joy of Tea

    ON-LINE COURSES – http://www.ed2go.com/nvccan
    A to Z Grantwriting
    Accounting Fundamentals
    Achieving Success with Difficult People
    Achieving Top Search Engine Positions
    Advanced A+ Certification Online – Hardware & Operating Systems II
    Advanced Word
    Advanced Web Pages
    Basic A+ Certification Online – Hardware I
    Basics of Building an Online Business
    Business and Marketing Writing
    CGI Programming for the Web
    Computer Keyboarding
    Creating a Successful Business Plan
    Creating Web Graphics
    Creating Web Pages (HTML)
    Debt Elimination Techniques That Work
    Designing Effective Websites
    Discover Digital Photography
    Dreamweaver 4.0 - Introduction
    Effective Selling
    Fast Track Fund Raising
    Food and Fitness to Fight Cancer
    Fundamentals of Technical Writing
    GED Preparation
    Genealogy Basics
    Getting Organized with Outlook
    GMAT Preparation
    Grammar for ESL
    Grammar Refresher
    Growing Plants for Fun and Profit
    Imaging for the Web Using Fireworks
    Intermediate A+ Certification Online - Operating Systems I
    Introduction to Adobe Acrobat 5
    Introduction to Database Development
    Introduction to Flash MX
    Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage 2002
    Introduction to MS PowerPoint
    Introduction to Natural Health & Healing
    Introduction to Networking
    Introduction to PC Troubleshooting
    Introduction to Perl Programming
    Introduction to PhotoShop 7
    Introduction to PhotoShop 6
    Introduction to QuickBooks
    Introduction to Oracle
    Introduction to SQL
    Introduction to the Internet
    Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0
    Introduction to Windows 2000 Professional
    Introduction to Windows XP
    Introduction to XML
    Java for the Absolute Beginner
    Java 2 Programming - Introduction, Intermediate
    JavaScript Programming for the Web
    Job Search Strategies
    Keys to Effective Editing
    Learn to Buy & Sell on eBay
    LSAT Preparation – Part I & II
    Marketing Your Business or Organization on the Internet
    Microsoft Publisher
    Outdoor Survival Techniques
    Navigating Your Palm Pilot
    Network+ Certification Prep
    Performing Payroll in QuickBooks
    PhotoShop 6 for the Absolute Beginner
    Photoshop 7 for the Absolute Beginner
    Project Management @ E-Speed
    Quicken for Windows
    Resume Writing Workshop
    Secrets of Better Photography
    Solving Discipline Problems at Home
    Speed Spanish
    Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
    Start Your Own Consulting Practice
    Stress S.O.S. for Women
    The Craft of Magazine Writing
    Travel Writing
    12 Steps to a Successful Job Search
    Windows File & Disk Management
    Write Like a Pro
    Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers

    Connecting to Higher States of Consciousness
    Finding a Career You Will Love
    How to Get People to Do What You Want – and Like It!
    Meditation – The Ultimate Stress Management Technique
    Parents, Children & Divorce – Parent Education Seminar
    Parents of Gifted Children Discussion Group
    Speed Reading & Comprehension
    Tai Chi for Health – I & II
    The Power of Self Hypnosis
    Turbo Charge Your Memory



    Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
    1000 Harry Flood Byrd Highway
    Sterling, VA 20164
    (703) 450-2551 or (703) 450-2552

    The Loudoun Campus Continuing Education offers classes throughout the year. The spring 2004 program is divided into an Early Spring program and a Late Spring program. The Early Spring Program will begin the week of January 19, 2004. The Early Spring Flyer will be mailed mid December 2003. The Late Spring Program will begin the week of April 5, 2004. The Late Spring Flyer will be mailed early March 2004. If you have not received a flyer, please call the office at (703) 450-2551 or (703) 450-2552. View our flyer on the Web! www.nvcc.edu/loudoun/continuing.

    3-D Animation - Level I & II
    Adobe After Effects
    Adobe Illustrator, Intro & Intermediate
    Adobe Photoshop I & II
    Digital Photography
    Multimedia Presentation
    Quicktime VR
    Self-Expression Through Art

    Capability Maturity Models
    Configuration Management Tools
    Conflict Resolution
    Effective Network Marketing
    Effective Process Definition
    Internet Research
    Internet Security and Firewalls
    ISO 9000 Courses
    MS Internet Information Server
    MS Office
    Negotiation Skills
    Project Management
    Project Management Communications
    Quality Management & Assurance
    Risk and Change Management
    Team Dynamics
    Systems Analysis of Information Systems
    WML & WAP for Mobile Commerce

    CAD AutoCAD
    CISCO Networking
    Client/Server Computing
    Computer Networking and Security
    Configuration Management/Unix
    Dental Office Administration
    Digital Video Production
    English As A Second Language
    Healthcare Administration
    Healthcare Administration & Professional Development Skills
    Horticultural Therapy
    Intensive College Prep
    Internet Networking
    Java Enterprise Application Development
    LAMP: The Open Source Web Platform
    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Solution Developer
    Microsoft SQL Server
    Multimedia and Web Design
    Oracle Database
    Photography and Emerging Imaging
    Private Investigation
    Professional Development Skills
    Project Management
    Project Management & Information Technology
    Web and Internet Programming
    Webmaster Certificate Program

    3-D Animation I & II
    Active Server Pages
    Adobe After Effects
    Adobe Golive
    Adobe Illustrator Intro & Intermediate
    Adobe Photoshop I & II – Windows
    Adobe Premiere, I & II
    Advanced Multimedia Design
    Authorware Attain
    AutoCAD Courses
    C Language
    CGI Scripting Using PERL Language
    Capability Maturity Models
    Charts & Graphs for Excel, Access & Word
    Cisco Routers
    Client Server
    Coldfusion: Building Database-Bound Applications on the Web
    Computer Crime & Privacy
    Configuration Management Courses
    Creating & Extracting Attributes
    C-Sharp Intro
    Crystal Reports
    Data Modeling and Database Design
    Digital Photography
    Digital Video Production Courses
    Dynamic HTML
    Enterprise Java Design Patterns
    Enterprise JavaBeans Intro
    Final Cut Pro
    Flash – Intro. & Adv.
    Frontpage for Designers
    HTML Authoring and WWW Publishing
    HTML for Designers
    Internet Security and Firewalls
    Internetworking and Networking Design
    Java I & II
    Java & XML
    Java Data Objects
    Java Message Service
    Java Network Programming
    Java Server Pages
    Java Servlets
    Java Swing & JFC
    Javascript I & II
    JDeveloper Intro
    JDeveloper Object Oriented Programming
    JDBC – Intro to Java DB Application Development
    LAN Switching & CISCO Catalyst Switches
    Linux & Apache Web Server
    Macromedia Director
    Macromedia Fireworks
    Managing Sound for Multimedia
    MS Access
    MS Access Programming with Visual Basic
    MS Excel
    MS Internet Information Server
    MS Powerpoint
    MS SQL Server 2000
    MS SQL Server Using Transact-SQL
    MS Word
    MS Net Framework & Tools
    Migrating from Windows NT 4.0 to MS Windows 2000
    Motion Graphics Design
    Multimedia Courses
    Network Security
    Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
    OLE & Raster Images
    Oracle Database Administration
    Oracle Forms
    Oracle JDeveloper Courses
    Oracle PL/SQL & Procedure Builder
    Oracle Portal
    Oracle Reports
    Oracle SQL & SQL Plus
    Oracle WebDB
    Paper Space in AutoCAD
    PHP & MySQL Programming
    Printing, Plotting & Design
    Quicktime VR
    Security Essentials
    Security Policies & Procedures
    SOAP Using Java
    Software Configuration Management
    Software Testing
    SQL Server
    UML for Object Oriented Analysis and Design
    Unix Courses
    Unix/Linux Security
    Video for the Internet
    Visual Studio.NET
    Web Design for Designers, Adv.
    Web Graphics Using PhotoShop
    Web Services Using Java
    Web Site User Interface
    Windows 2000/98 Intro
    Windows 2000 Directory Services
    Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
    Windows 2000 Professional
    Windows 2000 Security, Designing
    Windows 2000 Server Administration
    Webmaster Training
    XML: Extensible Markup Language
    XML Programming
    XSL Introduction

    The American Experience: A Certificate Program
    ESL Academic Certification Program
    ESL Advanced Courses
    ESL and American Business Certificate
    ESL Core Courses
    ESL for Business Certificate Program
    ESL GMAT Prep
    ESL – Intensive Program – Reading & Writing
    ESL Intensive Program – Speaking & Listening
    Spanish for the Workplace
    TOEFL Preparation

    Aviation, Intro
    Applique, Beginning
    Basic 35MM Photography Courses
    Confident Public Speaking
    Dog Obedience
    For Sale By Owner
    Investment and Financial Planning Strategies
    Managing Change and Conflict Resolution
    Music Instruction, Individual and Group
    Private Investigation
    Quilting Courses
    Writing for Publication
    Writing for the Web

    Advanced Medical Terminology
    Career Search
    Computers in the Dental Office
    Dental Terminology, Billing & Coding
    Medical Office Workflow & Document Management
    Medical Terminology for the Allied Health Professional
    Medical Transcription
    Nurses Aide Training: CNA
    Safety for the Entire Family

    Aerobics - High/Low Impact
    Aerobics - Step
    Healing Touch Techniques
    Seeding Change
    Trim and Tone

    Designing and Building a Dry Stone Wall
    Designing and Building a Stone Walkway
    Horticultural Therapy Courses
    Indoor and Tropical Plants
    Indoor Gardening
    Landscape Plants

    Confident Public Speaking
    Conflict Resolution Skills
    Effective Public Presentations
    Managing with Behavioral Objectives
    Negotiation Skills
    People Network Marketing Skills
    Performance Evaluation Skills
    Professional Communication Skills
    Project Management
    Project Management Communications
    Spanish for the Workplace
    Supervisory/Management Skills
    Team Dynamics


    Driver Improvement
    Motorcycle Training – Novice, Advanced, Sidecar & On-Street Training
    Parents, Children and Divorce
    Private Pilot Written Test Preparation



    Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
    6901 Sudley Road
    Manassas, VA 20109-2399
    (703) 257-6630 (Registration information)
    703-361-5269 (Fax)
    703-257-6634 (Contract training information)
    www.nvcc.edu/manassas/continuing (Online registration available 24/7)

    The following courses are tentatively scheduled for the spring. A brochure listing course titles, class dates, and fees will be mailed to area residents. However, anyone seeking detailed course descriptions and other class information should go to the Web address at www.nvcc.edu/manassas/continuing. Online registration is available 24/7. Also, any new classes added after this printing will be posted on the Web site. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and many classes fill quickly.

    Professional Development
Chart Your Career Future: The Individual Development Plan
    Insights and Techniques for Achieving Your Goals
    Intro to Financial Statements
    Java – A Management Perspective
    Love Your Audience…And They Will Love You
    Negotiation Strategies and Tactics
    Project Management
    Telecommuting 101
    XML – A Management Perspective

    Will return Summer ‘04

    A+ Computer Service Technician Program

    A+ Certificate Preparation I
    A+ Certificate Preparation II

Cisco Certification Preparation
    Cisco Network Router Training: Understanding and Designing LANs
    Installation and Management of Cisco Local Area Networks

Computer Applications Training
    Personal Computer: Introduction

Computer Programming
    C #
    JAVA Programming
    Visual Basic.NET Programming

Computer Training Courses for Windows 2000/ (MCSA) Preparation
Microsoft Win XP Professional
    Windows 2000 Server
    Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network
    MS Win 2000 Network Infrastructure
    Microsoft Office 2000 Certificate Program

    Microsoft Access
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

Network+ Technician Training
    Oracle Certification Prep.

    Introduction to Oracle SQL
    Oracle PL/SQL Programming
    Oracle Performance Tuning
    Oracle Fundamentals I and II

Security+ (CompTIA)
    Web Certificate Program

    HTML: Web Authoring, Level I & II
    Photoshop: Basic Skills I
    Photoshop: Web Production

Web Skills Training: Advanced
    Introduction to SQL
    Dynamic HTML
    Create Data-Driven Web Sites Using Coldfusion
    Active Server Page (ASP)
    Introduction to XML
    Internet Information Server

    GMAT Preparation
    LSAT Preparation
    Computer clases en espanol
    Individual Excellence
    Grammar Refresher
    Get Funny!
    Fast Track Fund Raising
    Non-Profit Management
    Give That Speech
    Effective Spelling
    Speed Spanish
    Project Management @ E-Speed
    Intro to PC Troubleshooting
    Windows XP
    Intro to the Game Industry
    Intro to Red Hat Linux
    Creating User Requirement Docs
    Buy/Lease a Car Like a Pro
    Debt Elimination Techniques That Work
    Stocks, Bonds & Investing – Oh My!
    Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay
    Insurance: Unraveling the Maze
    Introduction to Stock Options
    Online Investing
    Start Your Own Consulting Practice
    Basics to Building an Online Business
    Marketing Your Business or Organization on the Internet
    Laws of the Business Jungle
    Start and Operate Your Own Home-based Business
    Fundamentals of Technical Writing
    eBook Publishing Essentials
    The Keys to Effective Editing
    Business & Marketing Writing
    Your Screenwriting Career
    Write Like a Pro
    A to Z Grantwriting
    Travel Writing
    Write Your Life Story

& even more – check it out online!

    CDL Driver Improvement
    Driver Improvement

    Basket Making
    Civil War Topics
    Creative Writing
    Floral Design
    Food Service Sanitation
    Framing, Matting & More
    Homeowners: Electric
    Homeowners: Home Repairs
    Homeowners: Plumbing
    Interior Design
    Parents, Children & Divorce
    Photography: 35 mm, Black & White, Digital, and Composition
    Stained Glass
    Start Sewing with your Machine
    Tea Etiquette
    Turbo Charge Your Memory
    Watercolor: Introduction

    Positive Attitude: Your Power Behind All Powers

    American Sign Language
    French: Conversational
    German: Conversational
    Italian: Conversational
    Korean: Conversational
    Russian: Conversational
    Spanish: Conversational
    Vietnamese: Conversational

    Acting for the Camera
    Breaking into Movie and Television Acting
    Clogging: Beginning
    Guitar: Beginning
    Highland Bagpipes: An Introduction

    Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement
    Real Estate Investing
    Successful Money Management

    Basic Construction Cost Estimating
    Basic Contractor Licensing
    Blueprint Reading
    Starting a Construction Related Business
    Other Construction and Building Trades Courses

    SAT Preparation for English
    SAT Preparation for Math
    Swimming Pool Management


    Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
    6699 Springfield Center Drive
    Springfield, VA 22150
    For Non-Credit Courses (listed below): Call (703) 822-6523
    For Credit Courses: Call (703) 323-3400

    The Medical Education Center Continuing Education offers the following courses for the spring 2004 program.

    ACLS Prep
    ACLS Certification – Provider
    ACLS Renewal
    Advanced Physical Assessment for RN’s
    Basic EKG Rhythm Interpretation
    12 Lead EKG Interpretations
    Basic Trauma Life Support/Advanced Combined
    Cancer Registry Management
    CNA/PCA Training (Certified Nurse Aide/Patient Care Assistant) Training
    Clinical Research Associate and Coordinator Training
    Clinical Technician - Acute Care
    CPR/BLS Instructor - Trainer Training
    CPR/BLS Instructor Training
    CPR/BLS HeartSaver Instructor Training
    Dental Assistant, Chairside - DA
    Dental Radiation Safety Seminar
    EKGs for ACLS
    Health Care Provider CPR
    Health Care Provider CPR - Renewal
    HeartSaver CPR - Adult
    HeartSaver CPR - Adult & Pediatric
    HeartSaver CPR – Infant & Child
    Introduction to Emergency Nursing
    CPR in Spanish
    Limited Radiography
    Medical/Dental Office Manager
    Medical/Dental Office Receptionist Training
    Medical Office Assistant - MOA
    PALS Certification - Provider
    Pediatric Trauma Life Support
    Phlebotomy for Beginners
    Pharmacy Technician
    Registered Nurse - Return to Practice
    Heartsaver First Aid Program
    Heartsaver First Aid Instructor
    Step Up Your Knowledge
    Spanish for the Physician’s office
    Teaching in Healthcare
    Wilderness Responder First Aid



    Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
    15200 Neabsco Mills Road
    Woodbridge, VA 22191
    For Non-Credit Courses (listed below) - Call (703) 878-5770
    Credit Courses - Call (703) 878-5734

    The following courses are tentatively scheduled for the spring 2004 semester. Additions and deletions will be made. A flyer giving detailed course and registration information will be mailed to all residences in Woodbridge in December. Registration begins December 2003, and classes begin on January 20, 2004. For more information, call the Office of Continuing Education ~ Woodbridge Campus at (703) 878-5770.

  • Denotes Career Certificate Programs/Tracks


    A to Z Grantwriting
    Accounting Fundamentals
    Achieving Success with Difficult People
    Caring for Children
    CGI Programming for the Web
    Classroom Computer, The
    Craft of Magazine Writing, The
    Debt Elimination Techniques that Work
    Discover Digital Photography
    eBook Publishing Essentials
    Effective Selling
    Enhancing Language Development in Children
    Enjoying European Art Online
    Fast Track Fundraising
    Fundamentals of Technical Writing
    GED Test Preparation
    Grammar for ESL
    Grammar Refresher
    GRE Preparation
    Growing Plants for Fun and Profit
    Introduction to Database Development
    Introduction to Networking
    Introduction to PC Troubleshooting
    Introduction to QuickBooks
    Introduction to the Internet
    Job Search Strategies
    Keys to Effective Editing
    Marketing Your Business or Organization on the Internet
    Merrill Ream Speed Reading
    Navigate Your Palm Pilot
    Performing Payroll in QuickBooks
    Speed Spanish
    Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
    Windows File and Disk Management
    Write Your Life Story

New Certificate On-line Programs (See www.nvcc.edu/woodbridge/continuing)
    Advanced Coding for the Physician’s Office
    Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep
    Revenue Cycle Management for Healthcare Providers
    Coding Reimbursement, & Documentation for Physicians
    Microsoft Certified Database Administrator Prep (MCDBA)
    Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
    Bookkeeping the Easy Way
    Travel Agent

    Career by Design: Communicating Your Way to Success
    Food Service Sanitation
    Marketing Your Consulting or Professional Services in Today’s Economy

  • Human Resources Development & Management
    Benefiting from Workforce Diversity

    Employee Benefits & Compensation: Introduction
    Employee Performance Appraisal Systems
    Human Resource Management
    Interpersonal Skills & Techniques
    Legal and Ethical Issues in HR
    Organizational Change and Development
    Successful Personnel Recruitment, Selection & Placement

  • Office Assistant Certificate Program
    Customer Service: Building Relationships with Customers

    Essential Communication Skills
    Office Administration
    Powerful Office Skills
    Technology Skills for the Office Assistant
    Writing as a Business Tool

  • Paralegal Certificate
    Contract Law

    Discovery: Interviewing & Investigation
    Employment Law
    Legal Research and Writing
    Legal Research using the Internet
    Paralegal Studies: Introduction
    Public Records Retrieval Specialist

    Cartooning for Fun
    Cartooning for Fun: Advanced
    Keyboarding/Word-processing for Kids (Grades 4-6)

    Computer Basics
    Computer Basics & the Internet for Seniors
    Computer Keyboarding
    Computer for ESL Students
    Java Programming
    Microsoft Access 2002
    Microsoft Excel 2002
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
    Microsoft Publisher 2002
    Microsoft Word 2002
    Quickbooks Pro 2002: Introduction
    Windows 2000: Introduction

  • A+ Certificate Program (Computer Service Technician)
    A+ Certification Preparation: Hardware
    A+ Certification Preparation: Software

  • Adobe Certificate Program
    PhotsShop Courses
    PageMaker Courses

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate preparation

     CISCO I: Basic Concepts in Internetworking
    CISCO II: Design, Installation & Management of Cisco LANs
    CISCO III: TCP/IP and Basic Router Configuration
    CISCO IV: IPX basics & LAN Segmentation
    CISCO V: Router Configuration & Support for WANs

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
    Windows 2000 Professional
    Windows 2000 Server

  • Oracle Database Administration Certificate
    Oracle I: Intro. to Oracle SQL 9i
    Oracle II: Intro. to Oracle PL/SQL 9i
    Oracle 9i Backup and Recovery
    Oracle 9i Database Administration – Parts 1 & 2
    Oracle 9i Network Administration
    Oracle 9i Performance Tuning

  • Unix System Administration Certificate
    Introduction to UNIX
    UNIX System Administration

  • Web Development
    ASP.NET Web Programming Basics
    ASP.NET Web Programming: Databases & SQL
    Build a Web Site Quick & Easy Using FrontPage
    Build a Web Site Quick & Easy with Dreamweaver MX
    Buttons, Bullets & Backgrounds
    Java Web Programming
    JavaScript Programming
    Macromedia Dreamweaver
    Macromedia Fireworks
    Macromedia Flash
    Regular Expressions
    Web Design Basics: HTML/XHTML and CSS
    XML Development Basics

    Driver Improvement

    Computer Skills for ESL Students
    ESL Intensive Reading and Writing
    ESL Intensive Speaking and Listening
    ESL – Conversation
    ESL - Writing

    Age Factor: Market Yourself After 40
    Basic Painting with Oil or Acrylics
    Christmas Stained Glass
    Creative Writing I
    Creative Writing II: Fiction
    Digital Cameras – How to Use
    Fresh Floral Designs
    Genealogy: Level I & II
    Genealogy on the Internet
    Grammar Review
    How to Buy, Sell, & Take Care of Antiques & Collections
    Learn to Draw
    Math Review for Adults
    More Than Massage
    Photography Basics
    Photography – Black and White
    Picture Framing
    Preparing Children for College
    Seasonal Floral Designs
    Self Defense for Women
    Stained Glass: Beginning Techniques
    Strategies for Starting Your Own Business
    Successful Real Estate Investing
    Successful Real Estate Investing: Advanced
    Tai Chi
    Wedding /Event Coordinator
    Watercolor from Beginning to End


  • Administrative Medical Services Certificate
    Computerized Medical Billing
    Customer Service & Communication in Heath Care
    Hospital Billing
    Medical Billing & Coding
    Medical Office Management
    Medical Terminology for the Allied Health Professional

  • Certified Nurse Aide Education Program
    Dental Radiation Safety Seminar

  • Medical Transcription Certificate Program
    Transcription III, IV

    American Sign Language
    Spanish Conversation (Beginning - Advanced)
    Spanish for Custodians
    Spanish for Nurses
    Spanish for Health Care Professionals
    Survival Spanish for Construction


    Food Service Sanitation
    ParaPro Test Preparation
    SAT Preparation English
    SAT Preparation Math

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