NVCC SUMMER 2001 Class Schedule

Weekend Course Offerings

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    Weekend courses/programs leading to certificates and degrees are offered at all campuses. They provide students additional opportunities to pursue their education. Students may accelerate work toward a degree or seek professional enrichment and growth in a time frame conducive to their professional and personal lives. Intensive classroom experience combined with independent study provides an in-depth and meaningful educational experience.
    Parking permits are required for those students enrolling in weekend courses. Students should also be aware that add/drop periods are different for weekend offerings than they are for traditional weekday courses.

Alexandria Campus Weekend Course Offerings
    The Alexandria Campus offers weekend courses in high-demand subjects and in both standard and concentrated time frames. Some examples of these are networking classes (IST 200, 203, 206, 212) each concluded in 4-week periods on consecutive Fridays and Saturdays; or College Composition (ENG 111-112) and the American Literature Survey (ENG 241-242) both in 8 weeks on Fridays and Saturdays. Additionally, a wide range of these and other courses (e.g., ESL, Business, Psychology, Economics, Foreign Languages, History, etc.) are offered in the Friday/Saturday format over the 16-week semester. Please see the course listings within the specific subject area for details on days and times.

Annandale Campus Weekend Course Offerings
    Weekend College Degree Program. Annandale Campus has a Weekend College Degree Program in which a student can complete a degree in Business Administration or Liberal Arts by attending classes Friday evenings and Saturdays. No special registration is required for these courses. Check the schedule for individual classes designated as WEEKEND COLLEGE DEGREE CLASS. See Annandale’s course offerings listed below. Call 703-323-3091 or 703-323-3157 for further information and a brochure or visit the Annandale Web site at www.nvcc.edu/annandale/.

FRIDAYS (See course listings for specific section numbers)




BUS 100

Introduction to Business






IST 100 Introduction to Information Systems 0900-1150
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy I 1300-1550
PED 116 (2cr) Lifetime Fitness and Wellness 0900-1150
SPD 110 Introduction to Speech Communication 1300-1550

Manassas Campus Weekend Course Offerings
    Weekend College Degree Program. Manassas Campus has a Weekend College Degree Program in which a student can complete the Certificate degree program in Professional Writing for Business, Government, and Industry or can complete core Liberal Arts degree requirements by attending classes Friday evenings, Saturdays, and/or Sunday afternoons. For information regarding classes and times, see the Manassas course listing section under Other Sessions. Call 703-257-6685 or 703-257-6605 for further information.

Woodbridge Campus Weekend Course Offerings
    The Weekend College at Woodbridge offers high demand courses that meet degree requirements. These courses meet on Fridays, Saturdays, or on Saturday/Sunday combinations of 6- and 12-week sections. The Summer 2001 weekend classes are listed below. For course times and locations, check the Woodbridge campus course listing section.

Course Course Course
IST 100 IST 129 PED 116
IST 104 IST 195 PED 123
IST 117 IST 212  

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