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Getting Started At NVCC

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Step 1 Apply for Admission

If you are attending NVCC for the first time, you must submit an Application for Admission and an Application for In-State Tuition (if appropriate) to the Admissions Office at your preferred campus. If you wish to apply for student financial aid (grants, loans, work-study), complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) available from your home campus, Financial Aid Information Service, College Financial Aid Office (703-323-3199), or on the College Web site at http://www.nvcc.edu/finance. You may also check on the status of your application and awards from this Web site.

Step 2 Take Placement Tests
    Most new students should take the English and math placement tests. There is no fee and they are given at the Testing Center at each campus. A photo ID is required. Allow approximately two hours for each test. If you have questions about whether you need to take a placement test, please see a counselor.

Step 3 Obtain an NVCC Catalog
    Degree and certificate programs offered at NVCC are described in the NVCC Catalog. The catalog also contains prerequisite requirements and course descriptions. Each student who turns in an application at an Admissions and Records Office will receive a free copy of the catalog. If you apply by mail, you will receive a letter of acceptance advising you to bring the letter or a catalog coupon to any Admissions and Records Office to receive a free copy of the catalog. You may also access the catalog at http://www.nvcc.edu.

Step 4 See a Counselor
    If you are attending NVCC for the first time, you are encouraged to speak with a counselor before registering for classes. Walk-in advising is available at each campus. Continuing students should see a counselor or their faculty advisor. Students with disabilities can meet with the counselor for Disability Services.

Step 5 Register for Classes
    There are two ways to register for classes. The first is to use the NOVAnet telephone registration system. (NOVAnet Helpful Hints and a worksheet are located on pages 2021.) The second way is to come to the campus during in-person registration. Use the registration worksheet to identify the classes you wish to take. First-time students should enroll for STD 100 or another Student Development course. The ability to check for open classes is available at http://www.nvcc.edu/sis/WebTrans/ClosedClass/default.tplt.

Step 6 Pay Your Tuition
    If you are paying your tuition in cash, you must pay in person at a campus Business Office. The Business Office also will accept checks, money orders, and Visa or MasterCard and will give you a receipt. You may also obtain a receipt at http://www.nvcc.edu/sis/WebTrans/webReceipt/. You also may pay by mailing a check or money order to your campus Business Office or by using NOVAnet for a credit card payment. There is no deferred payment.

Step 7 Check Your Registration Receipt
    You can obtain a receipt and a copy of your registration schedule at any campus or you may print a copy of your receipt from the College Web site at http://www.nvcc.edu/sis/WebTrans/webReceipt/. You can also check your classes and payment status by calling NOVAnet. It is your responsibility to check for errors. Please verify that you have registered for the courses that you intended to select. It is important to obtain a copy of your registration receipt every time you make changes to your schedule. Receipts/schedules may not be given to anyone other than the student.

Step 8 Buy a Parking Permit
    Permits are required for all cars parked in student lots ("B" lots). You may purchase a permit by mail (see page 15 for parking registration form) or in person at the campus Police and Public Safety Offices. At the Alexandria, Annandale, and Woodbridge campuses, permits may be purchased at the Parking Services Offices. The charge for a parking permit is $25.00 per semester. Parking permits are required for all sessions or terms of enrollment.

Step 9 Buy Your Books
    Information about the books you will need for your courses is available at each campus bookstore.

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