NVCC SUMMER 2000 Class Schedule

How To Read the Course Listing Information

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    The NOVA Schedule of Classes is printed each semester, listing courses for all five campuses, Extended Learning Institute, and off-campus locations. You may select your courses from any campus for any day or time, unless otherwise noted. Simply choose the section you wish to take and copy the information down on your registration worksheet.
     All courses are grouped according to course length.
    Be sure to check for course prerequisites and corequisites.

    The listing of courses is subject to necessary changes that may be dictated by enrollment, personnel requirements, or availability of facilities.

    The 24-hour clock is used for class times. Examples of the 24-hour clock are: 0100 is 1:00AM, 0800 is 8:00AM, 1400 is 2:00PM, 1900 is 7:00PM, etc. In other words, 1:00AM to noon are numbered 0100-1200, and 1:00PM to midnight are numbered 1300-2400. To interpret the times, simply subtract 1200 from any larger number, and add PM.
    Make sure your class times do not overlap, even by a few minutes—you will not be able to register for classes that conflict.

    TBA = "To Be Announced" (time, room, and/or instructor) -- see the division office for details.

A = Alexandria L = Loudoun W = Woodbridge
N = Annandale M = Manassas  

M = Monday R = Thursday N = Sunday
T = Tuesday F = Friday TR = Tuesday and Thursday
W = Wednesday S = Saturday SN = Saturday and Sunday


    Pay attention to the notes under class listings. Some indicate restrictions on registration, or other classes that must be taken along with the course. Information about labs, which must be registered for separately, may also be listed here.


    Make note of classroom locations: AA = Bisdorf Building, AE = Engineering Building, AT = Tyler Building. Other off-campus locations are listed in the front of this schedule under "Off-Campus Class Locations and Campus-Specific Information."

AA Bisdorf Bldg.
AE Engineering Bldg.
AS Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall & Arts Center
AT Tyler Bldg.

CC Classroom Bldg. CK Greenhouse
CE Richard J. Ernst CM McDiarmid Bldg.
  Community Cultural Center CN Nursing Bldg.
CF Food Services Bldg. CP Physical Plant Bldg.
CG Godwin Bldg. CS Shuler Bldg.
CH College Services: Brault Bldg. CT TV-Tech Bldg.
CI Security/Information Bldg. CW Warehouse

LA Veterinary Technology Bldg.
LC Classroom and Administrative Bldg.
LD Design Bldg.
LS Science Laboratory

MC Classroom and Library--Colgan Hall
MH Classroom and Administration Bldg.--Howsmon Hall
MS Manassas Studio Bldg.
MT Power-Technical Bldg.

WA Arts Bldg.
WC Classroom and Administrative Bldg.
WT HVAC Trailer


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