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NVCC Professional Web Site Disclaimer Statement

Information may be posted and maintained on Individual sites by NVCC faculty, staff, and student organizations ("Individual Authors"). NVCC wishes to allow the academic community the greatest possible freedom to use these resources creatively and responsibly. Therefore it does not undertake to screen, verify, edit, monitor or censor information posted by Individual Authors, whether or not originated by Individual Authors or third parties, and does not accept any responsibility or liability for such information. Individual Authors and third parties are solely responsible for the content and organization of information posted by them, even if such information is accessed through the NVCC World Wide Web site. Should any NVCC Web site user discover something out of date, please feel free to contact the individual author at the e-mail address given at the Web site. If a user notices something in conflict with NVCC, VCCS, Virginia or Federal policy or law, please contact the College Webmaster and the individual author.