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Solicitation & Distribution of Materials

Solicitation & Distribution of Materials on College Property

A student, group or organization of the College may only distribute written material on campus with prior approval of the dean of students or his/her designee. Approval is normally granted unless the dean considers the material to be libelous, obscene, or disruptive to normal College activities. All student communications must include a disclaimer on the editorial page that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the College or its student body.

The College welcomes and respects the free expression of ideas. So as not to disrupt the regular operations of the College, conditions of time, place, manner and frequency will generally be established by the campus dean of students. See below for specific procedures:

  1. When no special facilities, equipment or services (e.g., rooms, audiovisual equipment, duplicating equipment, maintenance or set-up services) are requested of the College:
    1. Distribution of materials or solicitation may be conducted with prior approval in any appropriate campus area except for the following: classrooms, laboratories, restrooms, library, administrative and academic offices, doorways and parking lots. The campus dean of students is responsible for identifying the appropriate areas for his or her campus.
    2. Any material remaining after the distribution or solicitation must be properly discarded. Sponsors will be responsible for any littering. 
  2. When special facilities, equipment or services are requested of the College:
    1. A facilities use form (NVCC 105-112) must be completed in those cases where a specific room or rooms are required for distribution of materials. Appropriate forms should be submitted to the Provost's Office or his/her designee. See Section 31 of theAdministrative Procedures Manual for procedures on use of College facilities.
    2. A request for audiovisual or maintenance services must be submitted in accordance with campus policy.
    3. Arrangements for facilities use payment and/or services must be made at the time that forms are submitted.
  3. A decision by the dean of students on the request for approval to solicit or distribute will be made within five working days, unless good cause exists for additional time, in which case the decision will be made as soon as reasonably possible. The requestor may appeal the decision of the dean to the provost by presenting such an appeal within five working days of the dean's decision. The provost or his/her designee will respond to the appeal within five working days, unless good cause exists for additional time, in which case the decision will be made as soon as reasonably possible.
  4. No commercial distribution or solicitation is permitted except with the approval of the dean of students or designee. In addition, distribution and solicitation involving faculty and/or staff must have prior approval of the provost. All requests for commercial distribution or solicitation must be reviewed in light of existing contracts. Approval will be subject to regulation as to time, place and manner to assure non-interference with operations of the College.
  5. All distribution or solicitation must be conducted with regard to conduct regulations contained in the Student Handbook.
  6. College jurisdiction extends to the property boundaries of each campus. Jurisdiction also includes all property owned, leased, controlled, used or occupied by the College except where the College may be bound by legal restrictions, which may be contrary to these regulations.
  7. Posting of printed materials by students and non-student groups will follow established campus procedures as to location, time limits and responsibility for removing posted items.  Approval for posting is granted only by the provost or his/her designee. Materials printed in a foreign language must be presented in the English translation prior to approval for posting.
  8. Failure to adhere to these regulations may lead to loss of distribution or solicitation privileges, conduct charges, fines for littering and legal proceedings.