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Firearms/Dangerous Weapons & Materials Policy

Firearms/Dangerous Weapons & Materials Policy

NOVA’s weapons on campus policy defines “weapons” and identifies who may carry them on campus. A process to grant exceptions, and potential responses to violations. This policy contains the following general provisions:

The only persons who are authorized to bring weapons on campus and into NOVA buildings and college-sponsored events are currently sworn and certified law enforcement officers.

NOVA faculty, staff and students, if they hold a valid concealed carry permit, may bring a weapon on campus, but it must be secured in a locked vehicle and completely out of sight. Under no circumstances are NOVA personnel allowed to carry a weapon (either in open view or concealed) on NOVA grounds, bring a weapon into a building or carry a weapon at a NOVA event.

Visitors, not affiliated with the College, are entitled to carry a weapon in plain view on public property within or adjoining a campus. However, they may not bring a weapon into a NOVA building or a sponsored college event.