U.S. - South africa partnership
for skills development

Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) has begun working with 12 Further Education Training Colleges (FETCs) to enhance student retention at each college. By focusing on the first six weeks of college for FETC students, NOVA will work with the colleges' administration, lecturers (faculty), student services, and staff to develop a comprehensive set of strategies beginning with student access (intake), retention, persistence and completion.

Meeting Photo Academic success strategies will focus on math and math literacy programs, English as an additional language program, and academic and student support services. NOVA will also provide more targeted support to FETCs in each of the 12 colleges: seven in Limpopo, three in Mpumalanga and two in Northern Cape provinces.

Since many successful programs have already been initiated at the colleges, NOVA plans to offer individualized technical support around the core institutional infrastructure in student intake, academic support, and instructional principles common to research based teaching and learning. NOVA will build upon current strengths and effective practice at each of the colleges.