Route # 1 Annandale Campus Mail Run

8:30 AM     AN Campus Mailroom to the CS Building (Pick-up only)

10:30 AM    AN Campus Mailroom to the CS Building (Pick-up & Delivery)

1:00 PM     Deliver & Pick-up AN CS Mailroom Deliver & Pick-up Brault Building

3:15 PM     Deliver & Pick-up College Financial Aid Office (CFAO)/ Extended Learning Institute (ELI)

3:30 PM     Pick-up AN Campus Mail / return to Warehouse

3:45 PM     Pick-up Brault Building / Return to Warehouse

Route # 2 Media Processing Services (MPS)/AN Library - ELI - CFAO

8:30 AM Book Delivery: AN Campus Division Offices Only

10:30 AM MPS: Delivery & Pick-up

10:40 AM AN Library Exchange at AN Storeroom

10:45 AM P/U at F& AS: For ELI & CFAO

11:00 AM CFAO Deliver & Pick-up

11:05 AM ELI Deliver & Pick-up

Afternoon Trip

LO / Northern Virginia Regional Partnership (NVRP) /MA

12:10 PM Pick-up at F & AS / Duplicating Services, Brault Building

1:00 PM Delivery & Pick-Up LO Campus Business Office & Storeroom.

1:20 PM Delivery & Pick-Up -NVRP at Reston (CIT)

2:00 PM Delivery & Pick-Up at MA Business Office & Storeroom

Returns to F & AS , Pick-up Brault Building Mail,

Route # 3 College Administration Pick-Up & Delivery (Brault Building Only)

8:30 AM Book Delivery: AN. Campus Division Offices Only

10:30 AM Facilities Planning & Materiel Management

10:35 AM ODU/ Tel-Com & TAC / TSS & VCCS Utility (CT Building)

10:50 AM Brault Building Offices

11:00 AM Exchange Locked-Bag F & AS / AN Business Office


Route # 3 AL / WO

12:30 PM Pick-up at F & AS / Duplicating Services. Brault Building

1:00 PM Delivery & Pick-up AL Business Office & Mailroom/Storeroom

1:45 PM Delivery & Pick-up WO Business Office & Mailroom/Storeroom

Returns directly to F & AS:

2:45 PM Pick-up AN Campus Mail at CS Bldg.


Mail is picked up by the United States Postal Service at the central mail room located in the CW Building at 11:30 AM and 4:30 PM each business day.

The route times are approximate, depending on traffic and weather conditions and are subject to change.

If you have a special need for postal services, please contact John Golding at (703) 323-3718 or by e-mail to jgolding@nvcc.edu