Units & Staff

Office of the Vice President - (703) 323-3387
Steven G. Sachs, Vice President, Instructional & Information Technology

Dale Seward, Executive Secretary
Peter Tharp, Information Technology Specialist

Associate Vice President for Instructional Technology - (703) 323-3522
Monica Sasscer, Associate Vice President for Instructional Technology
Michelle Gee, Virtual Classroom Administrator

Extended Learning Institute - (703) 323-3379
Jennifer Lerner, Director ELI 
Joan Trabandt, Coordinator, Instructional Design and Development
Dave Ahrens, Instructional Designer 
Shaoyu (Sherry) Chi, Instructional Designer 
Jennifer Ferguson, Instructional Designer 
Robert Loser, Instructional Designer 
Frances McDonald, Instructional Designer   
Heather Tillberg-Webb, Instructional Designer 
Nantana Wongtanasirikul, Instructional Designer 
Kim Monti, Course Design Assistant
Barbara Hatheway, Coordinator, Student and Faculty Services
Lori Johnson, Counselor   
Christy Jensen, Counselor
Sue Tzong, Student Services Specialist
Jayne Townend, Registrar                  
Eugenia (Gena) Crawford, Registration 
Frances Meneely, Registration
Kimmie Hussein, Course Specialist    
Nadia Mobley, Course Specialist 
Vacant, Registration
Dannelle Shugart, Faculty Liaison
Mary Olson, Mailroom Manager
Jana Dattilo, Office Manager
Carol Turner, Course Production Coordinator
Tom Pyron, Information Technology Specialist  

Technology Applications Center - (703) 323-3515
Cathy Simpson, Director
Robert Brown, Instructional Technologist
Susan Picard, Web Administrator
Ying (Judy) Zhou, Applications Specialist
Cuong Hua , Web Designer/Developer
Vacant, Web Designer/Developer
Vacant, Web Designer/Developer
Stephen Suh, Web Developer
Sonja Garris-Taylor, SIS Trainer
Vacant, Trainer

Television Center - (703) 323-3350
Charles Siegel, Manager
Vacant, Program Support Technician
John Stephenson, Chief Engineer
Tony Matthews, TV Systems Technician 
Lance Graham, TV/Video Production Technician 
Richard Attix, TV/Video Producer/Director 
Steven Fischer, TV/Video Producer/Director  

Information Technology Support Services - (703) 323-3278 
Allen Sinner, Director 
Pat Anderson, Secretary Senior 
Vacant, Chief Network Engineer 
Haworth (Cap) Bromley, Networking Infrastructure Engineer 
Athar Hameed, Network Server Engineer
Mark Webster, Network Server Engineer 
Choon Lee, Telecom Network Engineer   
Andre Evans-Ross, Telecom Network Engineer
Tony Vu, Computer Database Systems Engineer 
Rae Smith-Watson, Customer Services Manager
Pam McCray, Help Desk Supervisor
Randy Dotson, Network Engineer
Judy Boose, Office Assistant

College Information Systems -  (703) 323-3393
Art Cavanagh, Director of College Information Systems 
Oscar Larson, Director PeopleSoft Application Tech. Support
Sue Liller, Policy and Planning Specialist I
Kathy Vessey, Policy and Planning Specialist I
Tiffany Chau, Policy and Planning Specialist I
Chun Cheung, Policy & Planning Specialist II
Douglas Michel, Programmer/Analyst
Jeffrey Petrarca, Programmer/Analyst
Vacant, Programmer/Analyst
Robin Gold, IT Specialist II
Sushama Rath, Senior System Analyst 
Richard Bautista, Programmer/Analyst 
Wayne Marple, Programmer/Analyst
Mingfang Liu, Programmer/Analyst 
Allen Schmidt, Programmer/Analyst 
Hoa Le, Network Support Technician   
Carol Sullivan, Projects Assistant