College Staff IT Support Services SLA

Contact Methods
Requests for IT computer and network services support from College Staff IT Management or Staff should be directed to IT Manager: (

Customers should report problems regarding support services to the IT Help Desk. All reported problems shall be assigned a help desk activity number (Issue Trak) and shall be referred to the appropriate personnel to fix the problem.

College Staff IT Management or IT Staff may directly contact the appropriate ITSS Network Services personnel or may open a help desk activity (Issue Trak) and refer the activity to the appropriate IT Staff work queue.

Prioritization of College Staff IT services support requests shall be determined by the IT Manager. Questions or concerns about the prioritization of IT services support should be directed in turn to the Dean of Information Technologies. (

Hours of Operation

College Staff IT Staff personnel shall be on site and available for hardware, software and network support Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Requests may be logged by contacting the IT Help Desk during its normal business hours at 703.426.4141.

Supported Services

The following items are supported within the scope of this SLA:

Workstation software problem repair
Workstation hardware repair
Network problem repair
Mainframe connectivity
Network connectivity (network drives)
Specialty hardware/software upon approval from Dean of Information Technology

The College Staff IT Staff supports all the software covered by the Supported Services SLA including the following:

MS Office suites 2003/2007
including the following:
MS Windows Operating Systems, including the following:
Windows XP
MicroSoft VISTA(when implemented)
Adobe CS3
Internet Explorer
Razors Edge
SAS 9.1

The following items are NOT covered by this SLA:

New software versions not yet adopted at the College.
Software versions more than two revision levels behind the release currently available at the College.
User provided personal software.

Education level of personnel

All IT Staff shall work towards the A+ Certification or show equivalent work experience
All IT Staff shall become proficient in MS Office and Windows desktop operating system
The IT Manager should have a B.S. degree in Information Systems Technology or5+ years related field experience, and shall work towards maintaining proficiency through coursework and professional development opportunities.

Disaster Planning

A list of customer contacts on the campus shall be maintained in order to notify them by phone in the event of a network failure.

A list of College Staff IT Staff contact information, including home phone, pager, and cellular phone (if available) numbers, shall be maintained for ease of communication during an emergency

Priorities and Response Times

Priority Levels:

A priority scheme will be applied to all calls taken by the Help Desk according to the following criteria:

Priority LevelDefinitionResponse Time
1       Affects Multiple People significantly                                                   5-20 Minutes
2       Affects a small number of people significantly                                     30 Minutes 
3       Affects Multiple People, but work can still be performed                    45 Minutes
4       Affects a small number of people, but work can still be performed      4 hours 

Call Response Thresholds:

With reference to the priority scheme, the College Staff IT Staff will respond according to the stated response times to the best of its ability, and not below the following thresholds:

Priority Level   Threshold
1                         95%
2                         90%
3                         80%
4                          75%

Metrics & Reports

General Metrics:

First contact resolution rate shall be 75% or better.
Customer survey satisfaction rate shall be 80% or better.

Frequency of Reports

All metrics shall be reported at least yearly in January

SLA Review and Compliance Procedures

The College Staff IT Staff Support Services SLA is valid from 1/1/08 to 1/1/08 and it is subject to review each semester. 

The College Staff Campus IT Manager is responsible for issues relating to this SLA and may be contacted at (703) 323-3705 or not resolved by the IT Manager will be escalated in turn to the Dean of Information Technology

The customer representatives for issues relating to this portion of the College Staff SLA are the Office of Dean of Information Technology committee chairs, Information Technology Committee, IT Implementation Committee.