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College Faculty, Staff, and Students

Virginia Community College System

State Agencies

Other Educational Institutions

Business Community




Provide video production and delivery support services to the college community. Operate and maintain video telecommunications networks in order to further the college�s mission of providing educational opportunities to the community through distance learning.


Services Provided


        Provide support for video production, delivery support and consultation services for video-based educational materials.

        Provide troubleshooting support for the compressed digital video system and the satellite up/down-link systems.

        Maintain and operate the college�s cable television network.

        Work with businesses and other agencies in the production/delivery of training or educational programs.


Service Goals


        Manage facility production resources in order to provide services for at least 3 projects in various stages at any given time.

        Maintain the compressed video network in order to provide for a 95% delivery success

        Operate and maintain the cable station in order to provide 95% delivery success.

        Maintain satellite communications systems for 95% up/down link delivery capability.

        Maintain video servers for video on demand and streaming delivery for on-line delivery access and storage at 95% capability.


Note: These 95% figures apply to all components within and under the direct control of the Television Center Support Staff. Trouble with vendor-controlled and/or college-based resources � e.g., WNVT-TV, George Mason University, ATM Network, Cox Communications, Verizon, Sprint, NVCC OIIT, or Virginia Tech components � are beyond the Television Center�s control, and are not included in the calculation.




Television Center

CT Building 353

8333 Little River Turnpike

Annandale, Virginia 22003




Offices � 703-323-3350

Control Room � 703-323-3377

Manager � 703-323-3743

e-mail: csiegel@nvcc.vccs.edu

Fax: 703-323-3516


Hours of Support


Staff may be scheduled to accommodate specific project times, however general hours are as follows:

        Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday � Friday.

        Engineers are generally on duty 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday � Friday.

        Unmanned cable telecasting takes place during the off hours and weekends.


The Television Center facility is closed during Holidays and when the College is closed during inclement weather or other emergency.


Environments Supported


The Television Center supports all video and audio equipment installed within the Television Center or equipment purchased and/or installed by the Television Center on the campuses including the satellite dishes/receivers and any monitoring equipment used for the system. Equipment purchased by departments and campuses for their own use will receive troubleshooting assistance whenever time and personnel are available.

We provide technical troubleshooting support for the compressed video equipment and coordinate with Verizon and the VCCS Utility on behalf of the college when necessary.

We also coordinate with appropriate agencies for troubleshooting video networks connecting the college to cable stations, the commonwealth, and other institutions.






Methods for Requesting Services


For booking video production services or to book the Television Center Facilities, follow the procedure outlined in section 31.4.8 of the College�s Administrative Services Procedures Manual or call:

Television Center: 323-3350

Television Center Manager: 323-3743 e-mail: csiegel@nvcc.edu



For booking a compressed video network meeting or those with questions concerning delivery of courses on the Digital Video Network should call the appropriate audio visual technician designated to handle video teleconferencing on their campus. The campus tech will coordinate with the TV Center for any assistance they may need.


Technical support for compressed video or other technical information can be addressed by calling or e-mailing the following:

Compressed Video: 323-4148 e-mail: amatthews@nvcc.edu

Technical Information: 323-4149 e-mail:


Technical questions regarding cable television can be addressed to:

Master Control: 323-3377


Questions regarding ELI tele-courses or replacing library tapes can be addressed to:

Extended Learning Institute: 323-3716 e-mail: dahrens@nvcc.edu


All other questions or concerns can be addressed to the TV Center Manager at the number above.


Web Support


Television Centerhttp://www.nvcc.edu/tvcenter/

NVCC Office of Information Technology � http://www.nvcc.edu/oit/

Extended Learning Institute � http://eli.nvcc.edu/

Technical Applications Center - http://tac.nvcc.edu/



Technical Problem Support Levels


Level                                       Responsibility


Level 1                                    Phone support by Technician /Engineer


Level 2                                    Field support by Technician/Engineer


Level 3                                    Vendor support arranged by Technician/Engineer



Service Metrics for Technical Support


Level 1


50% of trouble reports resolved over phone with initial call


75% of trouble reports resolved over phone within 8 hours of report


90% of trouble reports resolved or assigned for field visit within 24 hours


Level 2


75% of trouble resolved within 4 hours upon initial field visit


90% of trouble resolved within 24 hours of initial field visit


Level 3


60% of problems needing vendor support arranged within 48 hours of initial field visit


75% of problems needing vendor support arranged within 56 hours of initial field visit


Customer Satisfaction


Customers will be surveyed upon signing off on completed trouble report