Service Level Agreement
Student Information System & Related Systems


College faculty, staff, and students; and external agencies VCCS, Department of Education, SCHEV, NSLC, IRS.


The mission of College Information Services (NovaConnect Support Services) is to develop and support automated applications of the College business rules and processes utilizing multi-platform technology to provide an efficient, interactive and user-friendly interface. The objective is to support and maintain these Information Systems / applications needed for administration of students, faculty and staff; by timely enhancements in accordance to policy and procedures, ensuring enterprise data integrity, so that information provided to customers including external agencies, educational institutions, business and industry is accurate and useful.

Services Covered

The services provided are Programming Support and Production Control, user support, troubleshooting, Reports generation and distribution, project management, systems design and analysis, programming and testing for SIS and related subsystems.

The College Information Services will provide maintenance of the Student Information System and associated sub systems which include functions of Admissions/Records, Registration, Financial Aid, Accounts Receivable, Class Scheduling, Grade Reporting, Graduation, IVR - NovaConnect Registration, Payment, Grade Inquiry, and Schedule Inquiry, Non Credit Student Records processing, Faculty Productivity Analysis, Resource Utilization tracking, Facility Management, Faculty Payroll Information, and WEB interfaces to student services. Production Control mission is to schedule batch updates to the database, schedule "reorganize" procedures for the databases, schedule reports to be distributed to the designated user community both internal and external as defined in the Information System Working calendar, and provide ad hoc reports for user special requests.

This unit will provide development and maintenance of interfaces between the PeopleSoft SIS and related functions external to PeopleSoft, such as Human Resources payroll activities for Teaching Faculty, FRS interface for Student tuition refund and Financial Aid, COMPASS interface, data submission to external agencies, application of Mass Changes, and development of reports that are unique to the College.

College Information Service Location:
CT 226
8333 Little River Turnpike
Annandale, VA 22003

Help Desk - (703) 426-4141
Arthur M. Cavanagh, Jr., Director, College Information Systems, (703) 323-3020
Email acavanagh@nvcc.edu

Service Goals

Manage applications software systems and provide institutional data integrity.

Resolve all support request calls with an immediate goal of resolving 50% at level-1 while the user is online, resolving 75% at level-2 which will be within few hours and better than 99% at level-3 within few days.

Deliver all projects to specification within 10% of calendar target, staffing plan, and financial budgets. Targets are set once project requirements have been documented.

Hours of Supported Coverage
The SIS on-line system is scheduled to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Programming Staff are available during Official College hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For emergencies, staff can be contacted at any time by calling the IT Help Desk (703) 426-4141.
Batch operations will be supported 24 hours a day Monday Friday. Staff support is limited to Official College hours and if needed at other times by prior arrangement.

Environments Supported

All databases (SQL, ORACLE, PEOPLESOFT, RESOURCE25), applications, related WEB sites, reports and data submissions which constitute Student Information System and related subsystems;

all telecommunication and network equipment supporting the IVR component of the SIS.

Method for Requesting Services

Requests are made to the Director of College Information Systems via the Dean of Instructional & Information Technology (703) 323-3387. For large projects the request must be made in writing. Requests may be initiated by a work group or an individual. Weight and priority is assigned by the scope of the benefit to the users in general. College wide impact being of highest priority, and single individual benefiting from the enhancement is of the lowest weight.

Support Levels

Web Support
http://www.nvcc.edu/ithd/ also on-line guides available at the TAC and NovaConnect sites

E-mail Support
acavanagh@nvcc.edu - for problem reporting, inquiries, and requests

Service Metrics

Call Resolution :
50% resolved at initial call
Level-1 - Cycle Time: 75% resolved or assigned within the day
Level-2 - Cycle Time: 75% resolved within 24 hours of assignment or shifted to level -3
Level-3 - Cycle Time (Applications): 95% resolved within reasonable days of assignment depending on complexity and staff availability

Customers will be surveyed on a regular basis.