(Use the following format to prepare all  IT Project Descriptions)

Project Title:

Projected Project Start Date:

Projected Project Completion Date:

Project Sponsor:  (The project sponsor is the individual who provides overall guidance and support for the project, with oversight responsibility for expenses and resource allocation.  The sponsor also ensures that the scope of the project remains within approved limits and resolves organizational and priority conflicts.)

Project Manager:

Scope of the Project:  (The project scope describes the sum of the products and services to be provided by the project.  It establishes the limits of a project and is used to determine which activities are appropriate.. This description of the scope of the project must include:  what deliverables will be produced; where, when, and to whom the deliverables will be distributed; what process or technology is proposed; who performs the work; when and where the work will be done; when, where, and to whom the project will deliver  the intended product or service.)

Milestones with projected completion dates:  (Milestones are significant events in the project--usually completion of a major deliverable—that can be used to monitor project progress.)

Project Priority:  (A statement of the relative priority of this project with respect to other projects.)

Project Change Management:  (The individuals who are the decision-makers for the project who must approve any changes to the project scope, project plan, or change in target dates or project schedule.)

Anticipated Budget:  (Provide the total anticipated cost.  Attach an itemized list of project expenses and estimated costs for each, including estimates of all equipment and outside labor costs.  The list should include specific make, model and operating system, if appropriate or known, for all equipmentIf the project involves replacing existing equipment, indicate the specific make, model, operating system and age of the equipment being replaced and the specific piece of equipment that will replace it.)