Operations and Applications Technology Committee
Meeting Minutes
January 21, 1997

Members present: George Bergeman, Eugene Brown, Thomas Butler, Carmen Goodman, David Karstens, Carmen Medina, Jose Montero, Vincent Pizzurro (Chair), Deborah Rodgers, Steven Sachs, John Sartorius, John Sener (for Jane Townend), David Williams Jeff Williamson
Also Present: Robert Bruce, Janet Zilczer
Absent: Jose Chavez, Martin Olson, Daniel Riley
There were no comments or questions on the minutes of the last meeting, which had been distributed in November.

Cabling contracts
Mr. Pizzurro noted that awards had been made to three contractors and that initial contract administrative meetings were being scheduled. CIS staff have given Facilities personnel the data necessary to update room layouts with current infrastructure infor- mation (data jack types/locations). Contractors will be required to provide as-built diagrams, so that on-going updates may be maintained.

Hardware purchases
Dr. Sachs announced that an initial order for 109 computers had been placed. In order to maximize the number of computers that can be obtained with available funds, the more expensive Acer models decided upon in November were not purchased. Instead, WIN generic models were ordered. In keeping with upgraded VCCS guidelines, specifications were changed to: 166 MHz Pentiums with 2 gb hard drives and 8X CD ROM drives. To save cost, and with the hope that more rapid hardware replacement cycles will be achieved, three-year, rather than five-year warranties were ordered. (A copy of the final order form is attached.)

An additional 400 or more computers will be ordered in the next few weeks to complete the IT plan first-year microcomputer purchases. The second year's equipment will be placed on order as early as March or April.

Both Dr. Sachs and Dr. Zilczer noted that current DPS contracts expire March 1. Any time lag in or lapse of renewals could leave the College without means of acquiring large volumes of equipment quickly. Hence, timely placement of orders is necessary to meet current IT plan goals. Dr. Zilczer also noted that, since large orders are being placed with the option for initial vendor set-up, the timely availability of equipment distribution lists will be as important for the vendor as for College personnel. WIN Labs has expressed a preference for delivering groups of computers as they come off the assembly line, rather than building and holding hundreds of units for later delivery. They also need some lead time to schedule set-ups when large numbers of computers are to be installed at once. Dr. Sachs indicated he has been holding meetings with campus and inventory staff to coordinate centralized receiving and distribution procedures and to insure that inventory information is complete in advance of deliveries to the campuses.

Software installations
Current plans call for ordering Microsoft Office Professional 95 for all networked computers. Upgrade protection will be included, but Dr. Sachs explained that there is still a "wait and see" approach on Microsoft Office 97.

Dr. Sachs also indicated that network and software installations for new computers will be completed by College personnel, not by vendors/contractors. Logistics remain to be determined more fully, but teams of the campus Computer Information Resource Associates may be moved from site to site to compete this task.

Inventory responsibilities
Dr. Sachs is coordinating efforts to keep more detailed hardware configuration records as new equipment comes in. A survey of campus microcomputer inventories is also being conducted in order to respond to current state-wide surveys and to assess the upgrade potential of existing machines. These efforts are intended to lead to the development of a more accurate hardware inventory data base that can be maintained for future reference.

Media Processing Services will continue to order all College software and to retain original records of licenses and license registration. However, efforts are underway to insure that each division keeps accurate, centralized records of the software licenses distributed to them.

Internet access/E-mail subcommittee report
Dr. Williams reported that he is beginning to receive names of campus personnel willing to serve on a broadened subcommittee. A consensus seems to be building that the group will concentrate on evaluating low-cost/shareware versions of E-mail client packages (Eudora Lite and Pegasus); Eudora Pro and other products initially considered would likely become too costly for the College to deploy on a large scale. Mr. Pizzurro remarked that his approach is in concert with current VCCS tendencies. It was noted that the VCCS has announced plans to select mail server software and is looking at software to automate account generation. Hence, the subcommittee is not inclined to expend much effort in these areas, unless the College sees reasons to select products or account admini- strative measures other than those ultimately selected by the VCCS.

Other items
Dr. Sachs indicated that progress is being made through Human Resources on the IT training plan and the recruitment of new IT support positions. Additional updates should be available by the time the committee meets again. Other topics mentioned for future consideration include: The next session of the OATC is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18, 1997, at 1:30 p.m., Large Board Room, Brault Building

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