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Highlights of the College General Technology Plan

Meeting Minutes

Committee Purpose:

The committee functions to distinguish College-wide from campus-specific information technology responsibilities; continuously assesses computing needs across the college; recommends standards to the College ITC and reviews these on a continuous basis, to include monitoring the uniformity of implementation; promotes integration of technology operations and applications; assesses the progress of both the operations anad applications; communicates on an on going basis with the ITC and the CITGs (Campus Information Technology Groups); shares campus technology plans among the campuses and with the ITC; promotes quality control of technology operations and applications so that all users can expect the same level of support services and operations and applications at each campus. This committee serves in an advisory capacity to the ITC and is appointed bi-annually by the president.

The committee is appointed annually by the president. The chair will rotate annually between the college staff deans.


1996-97 Members

  • Mr. George Bergeman, LO
  • Dr. Eugene Brown, AL
  • Mr. Robert Bruce, AL
  • Dr. Thomas Butler, AN
  • Ms. Carmen Goodman, AL
  • Mr. David Karstens, WO
  • Ms. Carmen Medina, MA
  • Mr. Gilbert Mehrtens, AN
  • Dr. Joseph (Jose) Montero, AN
  • Mr. Martin Olson, WO
  • Mr. Vince Pizzurro, CS
  • Mr. Daniel W., Riley, MA
  • Ms. Deborah Rodgers, WO
  • Dr. Steven Sachs, CS
  • Dr. John Sartorius, LO
  • Ms. Jayne Townend, ELI
  • Dr. David Williams, AL
  • Mr. Jeff Williamson, AL
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    Highlights of the College General Technology Plan

    Meeting Minutes

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