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Robert P. Rogers, Jr.
Chairman, Northern Virginia Workforce Investment Board
President , The Chesapeake Center, Inc.
Robert P. Rogers, Jr. draws on more than 25 years of practice management, marketing, financial management, accounting and systems development experience to assist in formulating long-range business plans for this rapidly growing professional services firm. His experience has been attained through entrepreneurial and professional endeavors prior to founding The Chesapeake Center, Inc ( Chesapeake).

The result of his efforts as President of The Chesapeake Center has earned the company recognition as one of Inc. 500 Magazines’ fasted growing organizations in 1997. Moreover, Chesapeake was one the top 50 fastest growing companies in the State of Virginia during the same period. Mr. Rogers past success with Chesapeake is now part of the foundation for his new vision to carry the company into the 21 st century.

Mr. Rogers holds a M.B.A. in Accounting, from Washington University, St-Louis, Missouri, and a B.A. in Engineering and Business Administration, from U.S, Air Force Academy.

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