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Be the next NOVA Idol!

NOVA Idol is a yearly singing competition open to all NOVA students. Contestants have an opportunity to practice their performance skills, get objective and supportive feedback from professional educators and musicians, and share their talents with classmates and the community.



  • Zamira Rodriguez
  • Christen Butler
  • Clifton Marble
  • Amber Armstrong
  • Romeo Bautista
  • Sarah Price
  • Kyle Wright
  • Colton Leighton
  • Callie Ottinger
  • Augustin Beall

Variety Acts

  • SangHyuk Han (Chip)
  • Alhassan Sesay


  • Briana Williams
  • Nancy G. Montenegro
  • Nada ElHawary & John Bosco
  • Francis Rivas
  • Colton Leighton
  • Steven Uk
  • Sarah Price
  • Yelyzaveta Voloshyna (Lisa)
  • Syed Mohammad Nad-e-ali
  • Grace Hardy
  • Beatrice Thomson
  • Michael Wyatt
  • Emmanuella Bekoe
  • Caitlin Moore
  • NinaJoy Magpayo
  • Andriel Diaz Solorzano
  • SangHyuk Han (Chip)
  • Liya Abseno
  • Rachel Clark
  • Brian Sauerwald
  • Lori Jackson
  • Isabelle Kessler
  • Tyler Ortiz
  • Karen Cordova and Louisa Marshal
  • Kyle Wright
  • Juliana Zarou
  • Jade Hawton-Durham
  • Jillian Dungca
  • Tazma Whitney
  • Emmanuel Benitez (Manny)
  • Keegan Del Rio - Kale
  • Rebecca Bansah
  • Joshua-Joel Torres (Josh)
  • Augustin Beall
  • Quynh-Anh Nguyen
  • Tamby Randrianantenaina
  • Lindsay Shurtliff
  • Ilgin Secerli
  • Alexandra Maryanopolis
  • Katherine Eastman (Katie)
  • Frank Krause (Trey)
  • John Park
  • Christen Butler
  • Amber Armstrong
  • Mary Kwawu
  • Shannon Nelson
  • Aziza Kurtu
  • Paul Obiora
  • Alhassan Sesay
  • Karah Harris
  • LaCharn Fletcher
  • Kerry Hackes
  • Romeo Bautista
  • Zamira Rodriguez
  • Clifton Marble
  • Chloe Summerford
  • Callie Ottinger
  • Pharoah English-Mcmillian
  • Amber Elston
  • Allyson Goodnight

NOVA Idol Talent Showcase

NOVA Idol has a new twist! This year NOVA Idol is a singing competition with a variety show! We are looking for talents including: storytelling, group singing, drama, rapping, dancing, short film, stepping, comedy, instrumental performing, gymnastics, martial arts, juggling, mime, hula hooping, ventriloquism, fencing, beat boxing, contortion, cheerleading, whistling, double-dutch jump roping, basketball tricks, lip synching, yo-yo tricks, magic and more. Your act must be PG-rated please.

Win Cash Prizes

1st place NOVA Idol Singer $4,000
2nd place NOVA Idol Singer $1,500
3rd place NOVA Idol Singer $1,000
NOVA Idol Variety Show Winner $1,500


Contestants must be current NOVA Students. NOVA contestants must be enrolled in one or more Fall 2017 class at any NOVA campus.