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NOVACares Responders

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Academic Deans coordinate with professors within their department to address any academic integrity issues that arise. Severe or repeated academic integrity violations may be referred to the Dean of Students.

Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Teams operate on the principle that early intervention is the best way to prevent a crisis situation. Each of NOVA’s campuses has a CARE Team that coordinates support and strategies for students who may be distressed, struggling or in need of resources.

Deans of Students/Conduct Officers are responsible for the administration of disciplinary procedures when a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct.

Department of Human Resources is responsible for addressing concerns involving college faculty and staff. Each campus has its own HR consultant who coordinates intervention and support for employees.

NOVACares Case Managers serve as a liaison between students, the mental health community, CARE teams and the Threat Assessment Team. Case Managers may work individually with students who are at high risk to facilitate their success at the College.

NOVA Police play a vital role in assisting with criminal investigations, ensuring the safety of individuals at risk, addressing concerns and managing campus threats.

Sexual Assault Services provides information and support to those affected by sexual misconduct (to include sexual assault, dating/partner violence and/or stalking).

Threat Assessment Team (TAT) provides consultation and support to the CARE teams and other appropriate parties. In cases of severe or extreme risk, the TAT Team provides guidance, recommends interventions and facilitates communication and coordination college wide.

Title IX responds to any sexual misconduct case brought to the attention of the College. The office oversees case investigations from report to resolution.