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Manage Your NOVACard & NOVAGold Account Online

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Welcome to NOVACard's online deposit system (GET). You can use the online deposit system to:

  • Monitor and manage your NOVAGold account.
  • Add funds to your NOVAGold account using a major credit card.
  • Request funds from your parents, friends or family.
  • Parents, friends and family can use the system to deposit funds to your NOVACard.
  • Report your NOVACard as lost.
  • Upload a photo to be used on your NOVACard.
  • Find locations where your NOVACard is accepted.
ADD funds to your NOVACard using a major credit card.

This system allows students, faculty and staff to deposit funds to their NOVACard account or to email a request for fund to their parents, friends or family. It also allows parents, friends and family to deposit funds to your NOVACard account using your last name and seven-digit NOVACard ID number.

Go to the website https://get.cbord.com/nvcc/full/login.php. Sign up using your .vccs.edu email and log in.

To add funds:

  1. Click on Add Funds under Quick Links
  2. Select deposit amount
  3. Select account
  4. Enter your credit card information. Optional - Save Credit Card information for future use.
  5. Click Continue
  6. Read policy information
  7. Click Add Funds
Report your NOVAard lost.

You can report your card lost and reactivate it when it has been found. A lost NOVACard must be reported as soon as possible. The NOVACard will be deactivated to prevent misuse and placed on hold. The NOVACard hold will not affect college services such as academic registration. Your previous balance and account history will carry forward to the new card. The cardholder is responsible for all financial transactions on the card until it is reported as lost or stolen. General account information such as student ID number will not be affected in this process.

If your card is found, you can return to this site and report it as found. If you do not find your card, you will need to go to one of the NOVACard offices to get your card reissued. The fee for reissuing a NOVACard is $10 for students and $15 for faculty/staff.

You can also report lost or stolen cards to the campus card office or to the central card office via email to asknovacard@nvcc.edu.

Photo upload for your NOVACard.

You can upload a photo of yourself that you would like to use for your NOVACard. Doing this will expedite the process of getting your NOVACard and minimize the potential of waiting in long lines. Please pay special attention to the instructions and what is acceptable and not acceptable -- NOVACard reserves the right to reject any submissions that do not meet the requirements.

photo sample

  • White Background - Photo must be in color with a white or pale background.
  • Entire Head and Shoulders - Photo must include your entire head and shoulders. We may be able to crop large photos if needed.
  • Face the Camera - Your head and shoulders should directly face the camera. No profile or angle shots. Your eyes must be open and looking at the camera.
  • No Shadows - Make sure your photo is taken in a well-lit area with no shadows. Make sure that your entire face can be seen. Include headdress only if worn daily for religious purposes and do not let it obscure or cast shadows on your eyes or face. Not hats, bandanas, sunglasses, etc.
  • Recent Photo - The photo of you must be from within the last six months.
  • File type must be jpg, png or gif, and cannot exceed 1MB.
  • Once approved, you will receive an email and then you can pick up your new NOVACard at any NOVACard office. Remember to take your email, valid ID and registration with you when you pick up your new NOVACard.
Find locations where your NOVACard is accepted.

All FASTPrint locations, vending and café’s are listed.

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