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If you are visiting NOVA and/or you need access to some of our services you can obtain a guest card.

You need a guest card to access resources at our libraries, to copy and print, and to access specific buildings on campuses.

Guest cards are the property of NOVA. They are non-transferable, and violation may result in revocation of the card and associated privileges.

Affiliate or Contractor
  • If an individual is an Affiliate or Contractor with a need for a NOVACard, they may be eligible to obtain an Affiliate or Contractor NOVACard for campus identification purposes and/or to access college services. To obtain authorization, submit the NOVACard Special Affiliate or Contractor Card Request (Form 105-036) to the College Card office.
  • A Contractor is an individual who is an employee of a firm who has a formal contractual relationship to perform work for the College and whose daily work site is on a campus or at one of the college's Administrative offices.
  • Affiliates may be students or volunteers working at the College who are not faculty or staff.
  • Affiliates and contractors are expected to retain their NOVACard throughout their duration at the College. Upon completing their work at the College, they must return their NOVACard to their assigned supervisor. The supervisor must either destroy the card or return it to the Campus NOVACard office. There is a replacement fee for any lost card payable by the affiliate or contractor.
Contractor Non-Photo NOVACARD
  • Issued to contractors who are performing work on campus for less than 30 days. These cards must be returned to the college NOVACARD office by the contractor once he or she leaves the premises. Any lost cards must be reported to the college NOVACARD office immediately.
  • The College NOVACARD office populates the list of sequential contractor card numbers in the NOVACARD system for campus use and distribution.
Guest Card
  • Guest Cards are primarily for visitors of the College and can be purchased from any of the deposit terminals for a fee. Visitors can add money to a Guest Card after the initial purchase. These cards do not contain any personal information and if lost, are not refundable. Guest Cards are not forms of identification and provide very limited services.
  • Emeritus status is designated by the Human Resources department. Upon retirement, those employees granted emeritus status receive an emeritus NOVACARD. Emeritus cards are produced by the Campus NOVACARD Office. These cards feature a lifetime barcode number for use at any Northern Virginia Community College campus library.
  • A person with more than one association with the College is issued the specific NOVACARD corresponding to the highest level of association.