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Outstanding Service '06-'07

Beatrice Veney
Dean of Students Medical Education Campus

"It is the diversity of NOVA students, faculty, and staff that enriches our campuses and makes my work so enjoyable."

"As Dean of Students at the Medical Education Campus and lead Dean for Student Activities for the College, I strive to foster a cohesive work environment which emphasizes the importance and impact of each of us being an active member of our team."

"It is a privilege to be chosen for the Outstanding Service Award. I am both humbled and very honored by this award."

"During my 14 years with NOVA my commitment to the College has grown ever stronger."

Jean Braden
Professor of History - Alexandria

"What I enjoy the most about working at NOVA is the students; they are so different. Many of them are older and have had the chance to go out and work in the world then come back to school. The students at NOVA are very hard workers. A majority of them have full time jobs and go to school full time. I also love the diversity. NOVA has students from all over the world and they all have their own story."

"My first responsibility to the school is teaching, after that is being the assistant dean for the division. Also, I am responsible for the liberal arts program and the social science programs."

"My initial reaction on receiving the award was very pleased and appreciative of the fact that my colleagues went to all of that trouble (writing letters) to make certain that I got the award."

Brenda Robinson-Baptist
Administrative & Program Specialist - Alexandria

"You learn a lot from the students here and the diverse population that we have. You can always learn from them because it is good to know what other nationalities do and how they live on an everyday basis."

"I am very grateful to those who helped me get here."

"This is just one more thing my kids can look at and say I did and hopefully made them proud."

"You have to believe in what you are doing and trust your judgment. Do your best and eventually someone will see what you see and feel what you feel."