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Outstanding Service '06-'07

Deborah Naquin
Professor of English - Loudoun

"I enjoy the students, their determination and their excitement when they learn. I find it very rewarding."

"I think that I have done just what anyone else would do when asked to do something to help students or help make the learning better -- because really that’s my primary focus."

"It is important to really enjoy what you are doing because if you do, it brings forth your best."

"As a faculty member I have a better understanding of the faculty perspective, so when I train them on the new technology, I look at it from that perspective. I try to tell them how to use it in the classroom rather than just ‘push this button'."

Eric Hochstrasser
Grounds Supervisor - Alexandria

"Winning the award means to me that I’m valued here at the college. That the college has recognized me for doing a good job, but also the fact that I enjoy doing these things and really enjoy all of the tasks that are given to me."

"My advice to others is just to do the best you can do here. Try to see the larger picture that you have a task and a function to do here at the particular campus in your particular job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are limited to that only. There are a lot of avenues to explore and expand upon."

"What I like best about working at NOVA are the interactions that I have with the faculty, staff, students, and the facility staff and also the ability to use my talents to contribute to the college."

Alessi Bland
Administrative & Program Specialist - Alexandria

"We set high goals for ourselves in the office."

"It is not in the filing cabinet; it's not on the desk; it's in your heart. If you lose your love for what you do, you cannot serve the students, you cannot serve the faculty, you cannot teach well. You cannot do anything you do well because you will not like what you are doing and it shows."

"I enjoy working at NOVA because every day is a different day. There are always new challenges."

"There are so many people here who do such remarkable jobs that for one reason or another are not yet highlighted. I am honored and pleased to be part of this organization. The people here work very hard."

Robert LeRosen
Professor of Business Management - Alexandria

"It is nice to have recognition, but I am not in it for that."

"I think one of the hardest things is you have to learn what being a faculty member is. It is not just going to class. That is literally the tip of the iceberg. I tell my students that. They only see 10%; the other 90% is the curriculum."

"I think one of the biggest changes NOVA will have to make in the next 10 years is we are just going to have to adapt more and more to the changing population."

"Any faculty member or teacher is the keeper of the Holy Grail."