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Faculty of the Year

Every year the NOVA Alumni Federation Board of Governors announces the recipients of the Faculty of the Year Award. The selection for this award is based on written essay nominations from alumni and current students. Nominees for the award must demonstrate outstanding mastery of academic discipline, and commitment to the intellectual growth and development of students.

2012 Faculty of the Year Winners

  • Joan BedoreJoan Bedore

  • Cathleen BehanCathleen Behan

  • Michael CarringtonMichael Carrington

  • Robert MartinRobert Martin

  • Edward PerryEdward Perry

  • Ali SoleymaniDr. Ali Soleymani

  • Rebecca SutterRebecca Sutter

Outstanding Service

The Educational Foundation awards $1,500 every year to well-deserving full-time faculty, permanent teaching and non-teaching faculty, and classified staff via the Outstanding Service to the College Award. Eligibility for the award begins after three consecutive years of employment with the college. Every year up to three awards can be awarded to teaching faculty, three to classified staff and one to non-teaching faculty (including counselors, librarians, instructional technologists and administrators).