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Faculty of the Year 2008

Elizabeth Hill
Communication Design - Alexandria

Elizabeth Hill

“What is most important to me as a Faculty member at NOVA is inspiring students, learning from students and colleagues, and being open to possibilities in the design field.”

“I was inspired to be an instructor and work with students after having owned and run my own successful business. I often would guide other designers. It was so satisfying that I wanted to teach full-time.”

“What I like about working at NOVA is the diverse student body. I can’t imagine another institution with a similar range of ages, abilities and cultures.”

Dr. Charles Poland, Jr.
History - Annandale

Charles Poland

“I have been fortunate; the people I work with are fantastic.”

“The biggest reward is from the students. The first time you reach them, it is meaningful to your life.”

“If you have excitement about what your teaching, 99 percent of the time students will be responsive. You’re a salesman of knowledge, give it your best and seek out the ones who are struggling.”

“… at first I didn’t care much about awards, but this has moved me, mostly because it comes from the students. I have gratitude and am humbled; this is something I will always remember.”

Julia Turner
Communication Design - Loudoun

Julia Turner

“There is so much I like about the college, but mostly it is working with the diverse population of students. The rich environment is educational and rewarding for me. My colleagues also make working for the college wonderful.”

“I want to pass along information I think will be valuable for future designers. I also like the interaction with student during their learning process; it is rewarding to see them progress over a semester.”

“I have learned to change my instruction to accommodate the students in that semester. I have learned that each semester is different and sometimes more or less is needed. I stick to a tight schedule, but I change how much and what information I instruct on.”

Dr. Raymond Bailey
History - Manassas

Ray Bailey

“I began teaching at NOVA in 1976, having just completed my Ph.D. I never expected to stay here for my entire career, but I’ve had excellent students and outstanding faculty colleagues. Over time I’ve come to appreciate the significant role which NOVA plays in the lives of our students and of our community, and I became very comfortable spending my career as a member of this faculty.”

“I enjoy working with a truly outstanding faculty to help our students meet their educational goals in a very supportive environment at a very reasonable cost.”

“Receiving this reward is especially meaningful since it originates directly from our students and since NOVA has such a strong faculty and so many of my colleagues are equally deserving. I’m both honored and a bit humbled to receive this award.”

Beverlee Drucker
Mathematics - Woodbridge

Beverlee Drucker

“Since I was fairly young I always wanted to teach. All through high school and college it was always something I wanted to do.”

“I like my colleagues, the people that I work with. The other faculty members are very dedicated to their jobs, and they share a lot of the same beliefs that I do about education.  I think very highly of our students who are very hard working and for the most part want to satisfy and complete their goals”

“The most important thing is to try to instill the knowledge that I have been hired to do. Math is a hard subject to teach, and I try to make math enjoyable and understandable. I strive not to just get the students through; it’s not just a bitter pill that they need to get through it. Almost all of my students say that they enjoyed it, and if they do say they did enjoy it, then I really did my job.”

Matthew Pearcy
History (Adjunct) - Woodbridge

Matthew Pearcy

I am a big believer in distance education and online teaching. So, I try to incorporate technology in the classroom by using video and audio clips, photographs, maps and other interactives.”

“I encourage my students to think about the world around them – past, present and future. These are very exciting times, and our world is changing so rapidly. The next thirty years will likely see the advent of artificial intelligence, the widespread application of nanotechnology, and so much more. The students in our classrooms today will likely usher in many of these changes, and their best guide forward will be their own experiences and their understanding of our history. So, I encourage my students to think critically and engage in the world around them.”

“It’s a tremendous honor to have received this award, and I’m grateful to those students who nominated me. I can’t say that I feel particularly deserving – there are so many talented and hard working adjuncts at NOVA.”

Dori Hildreth-Fischer
Physical Therapy - Medical Education Campus

Dori Hildreth-Fischer

“What I like about working at NOVA is the support from the college in technology, program equipment and availability of continuing education courses to improve as an instructor. The openness from the staff and faculty in our program as well as in other programs, to share successes and the classroom techniques “that work for them.” With the diverse student population at NOVA, and the ever changing community environment, it is challenging to find new ways to work with the students different learning styles, cultures and finding the right tools needed to facilitate student success.”

“Coming from a graphics design background, I have enjoyed using computer technology to address the various learning styles and needs of the students. I create 2-D and 3-D materials to be used during lab classroom instruction, as well as during open laboratory hours. I enjoy developing power point presentations for student self study for many of their first year classes.”

“I hope they walk away with a sense of accomplishment and pride in knowing that they can be successful, and be a contributor to the physical therapy profession and community.”