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Faculty of the Year '06-'07

Lisa Stelle
Professor of ESL - Loudoun

"My number one priority is my students and making sure they receive the education that they pay for and that they receive an education that can help make them successful when they leave the school."

"I don’t think having the degree makes you a good teacher. It is one part, but the degree can only take you so far in the classroom. If you can’t relate to those students and they can’t trust you and have a connection with you on a professional level then you are not a good teacher, to me"

"I want them to walk away feeling confident that they can be successful in this country because clearly they have all come from other countries and so many of them feel that because of their language that they are shut out from true success."

Andrew Young
Adjunct Professor of English - Woodbridge

"The faculty is really great. They are very supportive of what I am trying to do and it really helps to apply that to the classroom"

"I feel like I have a certain gift for teaching and I feel like I am good at it, so I might as well explore that and try to cultivate that gift."

"I am forever an editor for a lot of my students."

"I love the community feeling. I love offering education for all people."

Cristina Sparks-Early
Professor of Spanish - Manassas

"There is a quote. The author is unknown, but it says, ‘before I can teach you, I must know you’ and if you don’t know your students you cannot be an effective teacher."

"It’s a special honor because you are nominated by a student, so it comes from the people that you are offering yourself to. For them to recognize you is the most rewarding aspect of this particular award."

"I hope my students will take away from my class a passion for culture, language, traveling, and food."

"I love the community feeling. I love offering education for all people."