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CSC equipment and moulage

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Male Female Baby
Sim Man 3G Sim Essential Sim Mom
IV IV Amount Foley Cath
Hep Loc Chest Tube ET Tube
Trach Tube Nasal Cannula Trach Collar
In-Line Suction Vent Aerosol Tubing
Water Collection Flowmeter Large Volume Jet Neb
Hand Held Neb MDI DPI
Saline Bullets Intubation Kit Ambu Bag
Wound Type Sutures/Sx Incision Pelvis with Stoma
Isolation Cart Code Cart Bp Cuff
Stethoscope Otoscope Wound Dressing(s)
Post Natal Assessment Supplies        
Attire for Simulation
Glasses Socks    
Hospital gown Pants/Shirt      
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