Reserve/Schedule AV Equipment (On-Campus)

There are a couple of ways to reserve equipment at the Manassas Campus.

1. Come by MH 222 and fill out a Equipment Reservation Request form for On-Campus (Manassas Only).

2. A request via e-mail to Manassas Help will be accepted with the following information:
Person Requesting (using) Equipment
Contact Information (Phone and Email address)
Type of Equipment Requesting (i.e. computer/projector)
Room Where Equipment will be Used (i.e. MH208)
Day/s of the Week (i.e. Mon/Wed)
Dates of request (i.e. 24 Aug. 00 - 24 Oct. 2000 or all semester)
Time period of request (i.e. 0900 - 1015 or 1800 - 2200)
Remarks (i.e. Internet access, special software, etc.)

3. A form is now available over the internet which can filled out and printed at your desk by clicking here . Please drop the request by MH222.

Note: Equipment requests should be submitted as eraly as possible, because shorter requests may result in not getting the equipment you need. First come first serve for reservations and credit classes come first. Equipment can be checked out for NVCC use only.

Equipment conformation will be sent to you via NVCC email and you will be notified where to pickup/dropoff the equipment. Equipment scheduled after hours will use MH 319 and you will be given the combination upon conformation.