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RISE: Minority Mentoring Program

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Recognize. Ignite. Serve. Empower.

Minority Mentoring Program

The RISE Minority Mentoring Program is dedicated to building a collaborative experience between community college students, faculty, staff and industry leaders who are committed to supporting and retaining minority and female STEM students.

When we teach students to Recognize the greatness in themselves, Ignite their peers to be innovative contributors, Serve the community around them and Empower others to do the same, we create environments that will transform generations to come. RISE ultimately aspires to increase retention and graduation rates, active civic engagement, one-on-one counseling, leadership development and love of self.

Students in each annual RISE cohort are part of a supportive network that sets academic, professional and personal goals. They learn strategies to become financially literate, experience cultural art events, participate in team-building activities and more — all with the premise that exposure creates a broader more self-aware individual. Meetings occur monthly.

Mission Statement

The mission of RISE is to inspire and empower minority students to become tomorrow’s leaders through meaningful professional, personal and academic experiences.


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