Employable Skills

The following specific student outcomes will be expected of students completing the Biotechnology degree program.

1. Students will exhibit professional interpersonal skills and behaviors appropriate to working and collaborating in a laboratory environment.

2. Students will demonstrate professional and ethical standards, essential to the biotechnology profession.

3. In laboratory environments, students will demonstrate proper laboratory documentation, and will follow laboratory safety rules.

4. Students will be proficient in oral and written communication skills, and will be prepared to accurately follow procedures, write scientific reports, and give oral presentations.

5. Students will have a solid educational foundation in all areas central to biotechnology, including chemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, and immunology.

6. Students will be able to obtain and critically evaluate information relevant to biotechnology from varied resources (library databases, newspapers and magazines, internet resources, trade publications, congressional reports, primary literature, etc).

7. Students will understand the ethical, regulatory, business and legal aspects of the biotechnology industry.

8. Students will exhibit the quantitative skills necessary to design experiments and to analyze and manage laboratory data.

9. Students will demonstrate proficiency with specialized techniques and instrumentation com

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mon to biotechnology laboratories, including solution and media preparation, DNA and protein purification and analysis, electrophoresis, chromatography, maintenance of cells in culture, and quality control techniques.