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Prefix Course Name
AUT 100 Introduction to Automotive Shop Practices
AUT 111 Automotive Engines I
AUT 112 Automotive Engines II
AUT 113 Cylinder Block Service
AUT 114 Cylinder Head Service II
AUT 120 Introduction to Automotive Machine Shop
AUT 121 Automotive Fuel Systems I
AUT 122 Automotive Fuel Systems II
AUT 141 Auto Power Trains I
AUT 142 Auto Power Trains II
AUT 215 Emissions Systems Diagnosis and Repair
AUT 225 Automotive Emissions Inspection
AUT 226 Advanced ASM Emissions Diagnostics 
AUT 236 Automotive Climate Control
AUT 241 Automotive Electricity I
AUT 242 Automotive Electricity II
AUT 245 Automotive Electronics
AUT 265 Automotive Braking Systems
AUT 266 Auto Alignment, Suspension and Steering