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Policies - Tutoring Center

Tutoring Policies

Tutors may only tutor a student up to two hours per week, per class.

All tutoring must occur on the Loudoun Campus. You may meet in the Reynolds Building (LR), the Waddell Building (LW), the Natural Science Building (LS), or the Interior Design Building (LD). Popular places to meet include the Library (LC), the Student Lounge (LR), the Computer Lab (LW), or the Learning Commons (LC).

Students who receive tutoring must complete the 1st Tutoring Session Evaluation after their first tutoring session. To access the survey, just click on Surveys from the Loudoun Campus Tutoring website. A tutee may schedule another tutoring appointment after they have completed this evaluation.

Students who receive tutoring are also asked to submit the Tutee End of Term Survey at the end of the semester. Their responses will be used to improve the Tutoring Program.

Students must abide by the Student Handbook and the College’s policies on academic honesty. Tutors are not allowed to go beyond the scope of tutoring and complete graded work that is to be done by the tutee. If approached, a student must refuse and report this situation to the Tutoring Coordinator.

Tutees are expected to attend and participate in each class, take notes, read their course materials, and to study. Tutoring is provided to help students learn concepts that are not mastered after these things have been done.

Tutees should come to the tutoring session prepared. Please bring your textbook, notes, and a list of topics or questions that you would like to cover.

Please be on time to your tutoring session. If you are going to be more than five minutes late please call the other person. Out of courtesy, please give the other person at least 24 hours of notice if you need to cancel a tutoring session for an unavoidable reason.

Additional Policies for Tutors

Tutors must read the entire Tutor Manual and abide by all of the policies.

A hard copy of the Tutoring Log must be completed at the end of each tutoring session and be retained by the tutor. The tutor will then submit the online version of the Tutor Log and their electronic timesheet on the last day of each bi-weekly pay period. The timesheet and the Tutor Log can be found under Resources for Tutors.

The Tutor End of Term Survey must be completed before their one-on-one meeting with the Tutoring Coordinator at the end of each semester.

Tutors may not be compensated for tutoring a student more than two hours per week unless the Tutoring Coordinator has given the tutor written permission to assist the student due to a special need.