Northern Virginia Community College provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure that they enjoy an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs available at the college.

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To receive accommodations, complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain the Checklist for Students with Disabilities and Student Information Sheet from the website or from the Counseling Office.
  2. Follow the instructions of the Checklist and return all completed documentation to the Disability Services Counselor.
  3. Together, you and the counselor with create an "Accommodations Request Form".  The counselor will provide you with enough copies to distribute one to each of your professors.

The College is not responsible for making accommodations for students who have not disclosed their disability or have not provided appropriate documentation. Accommodations cannot be provided if it fundamentally alters the nature of the course or would cause an undue hardship to the college.

A student's disability-related records will be destroyed when three years have passed since that individual last received disability-related services.

Sherri Mosley-Duman,
Disability Services Counselor
Room: LC 253

Phone: (703) 450-2571
Fax: (703) 450-2570
TTY/TDD: (703) 404-7374 

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