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Master Math:  Master Math, also known as MTH 1, is the redesigned version of MTH 2, MTH 3, and MTH 4, allowing the student to concentrate on units of material based on individual strengths and weaknesses. It will require 2 hours of in-class time per week with the instructor, as well as a minimum of 2 hours per week in the Math Computer Lab. Students will work on MyMathLab for instruction, assignments and assessments while receiving one-on-one assistance from the instructor.
Click here for more information about Master Math.

Lecture courses: The classes are scheduled to meet at specified times each week in a classroom. There is an instructor assigned to the class who determines the scheduling and the requirements of the course such as homework, grading and tests. Lecture courses include both developmental and credit courses.
Click here for more information about lecture courses.

Extended Learning Institute (ELI) courses: ELI courses are home study courses that require independent study. Some courses are web-based or televised. A syllabus is mailed to the student within a week after registering. For registration information call 703-323-3368. Both developmental and credit courses are offered through ELI.  

All testing for ELI courses is completed in the Loudoun Testing Center (room LR 251).  The telephone number is 703-450-2508. Click here for hours of operation

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Last modified: January 2011