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Aside from the general education requirements typical of any college or university, the interior design program at NVCC has eleven interior design courses required for graduation. Students learn drawing techniques and critical information in each course that is then used in the next, so it is important that they be taken in the proper order. To ensure this, prerequisites have been established for each course and are listed in the college schedule, the catalog and the online course content summaries.

Courses are generally offered on an alternating semester schedule of day and evening. For part-time students, the completion time for the degree will be extended because of this alternating schedule. Courses are offered at night and it is possible to finish the degree in about 8 semesters.

Occasionally a course will be canceled due to low enrollment and students will have to adjust their schedules. Because of the nature of the project work, there are few courses offered during summer school beyone the introductory courses. It is strongly suggested that prospective students read the college catalog and semester schedules with care to avoid confusion in planning. When there are questions, department faculty can help.

As you plan your courswork at NVCC, you might want to know what each of the classes is really about. Click on the links to the left for course content information, photos from the classes and some basic materials/equipment requirements for each class.