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About Our Program

The Interior Design Program, which is located only at the Loudoun Campus, is a two year degree program leading to an Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) in Interior Design. Currently, sixty-five credit hours are required for the degree which includes courses in interior design, art history, and applied design. Coursework also includes an internship program. Students may take art and general education courses at any of the other NVCC campuses.

The program is designed to educate students whose initial career goals might include positions as interior design assistants in residential or commercial design or architectural firms; in retail stores, such as furniture stores or designer showrooms; or as manufacturers' representatives. Coursework is practical and theoretical, with an emphasis on teaching the practical skills needed in the world of interior design.

Interior design education and interior design work are demanding undertakings. Students should anticipate spending long hours on projects, presentations, and field trips. In addition, students may be required to attend client meetings, meetings with manufacturer's representatives, contractors and installers; attendance at meetings and activities of ASID and IIDA and at trade shows is encouraged.

To hone their skills and knowledge of design principles, students should consider extra course work in art history, fine arts-particularly drawing and design, and computer graphics, which is a critical component of design today.



The IDS program currently has an open enrollment policy consistent with the college mission, however to be successful, students should have some affinity with the interior design field before starting to take courses. This could be manifested through interests and ability in the arts, color, furniture and furniture history and other talents normally associated with the design field. For more information on enrolling at NVCC visit http://www.nvcc.edu/admissions/.