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About Our Program

General Information
The credit ESL program on the Loudoun campus is designed to prepare students for admission to the College’s credit courses. Emphasis is on writing, reading, speaking and listening skills necessary for success in college-level courses. The program uses group work, individual conferences and lectures to prepare students to read college-level texts, complete written assignments, and participate in class with native speakers of English.

Classes are offered Monday through Friday with day and evening hours. 

Admission Policy
Students interested in registering for ESL classes should complete a NVCC college application form and submit it to the Admissions and Records Office in the LR Building, room 246. Students can also
apply on-line.

Placement Policy
All international students must take the Accuplacer Test in order to be appropriately placed in the ESL/ENG courses.  

Tuition depends on residence status and on the number of credit hours taken. Call 703-450-2501 for rates. There is deferred payment of tuition. You may pay by any of the following methods: cash, check or money order, credit card (VISA or MasterCard), or contract payment.

Course Offerings
Composition, reading and oral communication courses are required to complete the program.

 Level II (15 credit hours) 
ESL 002 – English as a Second Language II 

ESL 014 – Oral and Written Communication

Level III (15 credit hours) 
ESL 005 – Reading I

ESL 011 – Composition I

ESL 007 – Oral Communication
Level IV (10 credit hours) 
ESL 006 – Reading II  

ESL 012 – Composition II

Level V (10 credit hours) 
ESL 017 – Reading III  

ESL 013 – Composition III

If your Accuplacer score does not qualify you for Level II courses, a complete program of courses is available through the Continuing Education Office. Call 703-450-2551 for more information.

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