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Citing Sources from the WWW - MLA Form

What information should I include

Include as much of the following information as you can, in this order.  If you have trouble locating some of the information, such as the author's name or date of publication, that is okay.

author's name
name of document in quotation marks
name of complete work in italics or underlined
date of publication or last revision
date of access

URL, in brackets like these: <>


Personal site

Smith, Joseph. Home page. 24 Sept. 1997. 7 Nov. 1997. <>.

General Web site

Harris, Jonathan G. "The Return of the Witch Hunts.' Witch-hunt Information page. 19 Apr. 1997. 19 Nov. 1997  


Shade, Leslie R. "Gender Issues in Computer Networking." 14 Feb. 1994. 26 Nov. 1997       


Book accessed on internet

Darwin, Charles. The Voyage of the Beagle. London. 1845. Project Gutenberg. June 1997. 1 Oct. 1997


Article in an electronic journal (ejournal)

Browning, Tonya. "Embedded Visuals: Student Decision in Web Spaces." Kairos: A Formula for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments 2.1 (1997). 1 Oct. 1997.

Article in an electronic magazine (emagazine)

Marigold, Nathan. "Confessions of a Cybershaman." 12 June 1997. 19 Oct. 1997                                          




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