Sample Syllabus--English 199
Supervised Study: Writing in the Disciplines
Writing Center Coordinator--Bridget Robin Pool


1. During this semester, the Writing Center can help you to become an improved, more independent writer. To do this, we must have your help. When you come to the Writing Center, expect to WORK. The consultant will not do the work for you; he or she will only give you guidance.

2. When you come to the Writing Center, you should be prepared. This means you should have a copy of the assignment and know the due date. During the week, you should pay attention to the areas where you have trouble with writing, and you should be able to discuss your concerns with your consultant.

3. If you don't have a paper to work on when it's time for your weekly appointment, come in anyway. You can talk with the consultant about your next assignment, you can bring in an old paper to discuss the professor's comments, or you can use this opportunity to work on exercises out of a handbook, if you're having trouble in a certain area. Be creative, and think about how we can help you; then come in and explain what you need.

4. Every time you come in, be sure to sign in, indicate that you are a contract student on the "Writing Center Session Report Form," and ask the consultant to mark the visit in your folder. This is how we count your visits, and it is your responsibility.

5. When you sign your contract, you will choose a weekly appointment time. This half hour will always be set aside for you. You can come in more often if you want; be sure to set an appointment in advance. If you ever decide that you want to change your appointment time, just let us know.

6. When you have to miss an appointment, you always need to let us know in advance. (Phone: 450-2511.) This way, we can allow another student to take your place.

7. You must arrive on time for your appointments. If you are more than five minutes late, we will allow another student to take your place, and you will have to wait for the next available consultant.

8. If you miss three appointments in a row without calling to explain, the coordinator can automatically withdraw you from the course.

9. Your grade in English 199 is based ONLY on the number of times you come into the Center for a consultation. The grade scale is printed on your contract. For a visit to count toward your final grade, you must work with a consultant. You will not receive credit if you just study or type by yourself.

Please sign and date below to indicate that you have read and understood these guidelines:

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Last revised Fall 1998
For more information about this syllabus email Bridget Robin Pool

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