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Our history courses come in a variety of formats to address the needs of our students. Please check NOVA's course schedule for more information about current course offerings.

  • In-Person - All course lectures and discussions occur in a classroom on campus, with assignments to be completed outside of class.
  • Online - All course activities, discussions and assignments occur online.
  • Hybrid - Roughly half of course activities, lectures and discussions occur in a classroom on campus, and the other half online.
  • Dual Enrollment - College-level history classes taught by NOVA-certified instructors for high school students enrolled in local school systems. See the Dual Enrollment program.



NOVA's six most frequently taken history courses all transfer directly to George Mason.

HIS 101  HIST 101   Foundation Western Civilization
HIS 102   HIST 102   Development Western Civilization
HIS 111 HIST 387 Topics in Global History
HIS 112   HIST 125   Introduction to World History
HIS 121    HIST 121   Formation of American Republic
HIS 122   HIST 122   Development of Modern America
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David Porter 703.948.7703 http://www.nvcc.edu/home/dporter dporter@nvcc.edu
Dr. Alton Carroll 703.450.7312   acarroll@nvcc.edu
Dr. Charlie Evans 703.948.7701 http://www.nvcc.edu/home/cevans
Dr. Douglas Campbell 703.404.7331 http://www.nvcc.edu/home/docampbell docampbell@nvcc.edu
Dr. Marc Dluger 703.948.5481   mdluger@nvcc.edu
John Kincheloe 703.948.7571 http://www.nvcc.edu/home/jkincheloe jkincheloe@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Campbell 703.948.5643   scampbell@nvcc.edu