Patrick Hiatt
Second Genesis: An Odyssey into an Uncertain Future
September 24 - October 26, 2012

Drawing on elements of 19th century neoclassicism and the philosophies of early
20th century surrealism, Patrick Hiatt’s series of allegorical oil paintings “Second
Genesis” captures the eye and challenges the mind with detailed imagery that
presents his personal odyssey into uncertainty. Using mixed metaphor and
hyperbole, he transforms timeless themes from history and mythology into a
visual paradox that relates to how human society will deal with what many
believe will be an inevitable and profoundly tragic environmental, economic and
geopolitical change.

Patrick Hiatt studied art at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the
American Academy of Art in Chicago during the turbulent sixties. Then after
serving in the army he worked as an engineer and technical illustrator. Now he is
enjoying the freedom of retirement as an award winning painter exhibiting
regularly in local and regional shows.


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