Walt Bennett
Recent Works, Wood Bowls 
Sept. 20 - Oct. 15, 2004

I've always held a deep appreciation for God's creations that provide us oxygen and food for us to live, and an unbelievable amount of beauty to our environment.  I believe trees were given to us for our use, but we should use them intelligently.  For example, I've planted more hardwood trees than I've harvested and I attempt to harvest downed trees from storms or disease as much as possible.
Although I've dabbled at woodworking, I didn't find a means of expressing this feeling until I started turning.  Nature has very few straight lines, yet we humans continually try to create things with them.  Our furniture, homes, decks, etc., all consist of them. 
Turning gives many more options to the artist than one would expect.  Many very creative turners regularly make objects that are very different than mine, some that really don't appear to be turned at all.  I strive to create ones that are relatively simple and pure in shape, yet highlight the natural beauty of the wood I'm working with  I use only clear finishes, either wax or tung oil.  Many of my works follow the classic Roman ogee, because it's been time-tested as one of beauty by us humans for millennia.  Some may follow other forms, but I prefer the Greco-Roman classic ones overall.
Walt Bennett


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