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STUDENT Network & Web Accounts

  1. What is my lan ID, password, and how do I search for it?
    If you have already enrolled in credit and non-credit courses, to search for your lan and web id, go to the following page:
    Lan and Web ID Search

    The lan password follows the format of: (8 digits long)
    month of birth + date of birth + year of birth ( 4 digits)

    - John was born on Jan 15 and his year of birth is 1985. His lan/web password is 01151985.
  2. What can I do with my lan id? How can I log into campus computers?
    The lan id and password act as your login id for campus computers. The domain should be set to NVSTU. It also allows you to log in your web account.
  3. Do I have a personal web page and what is it?
    Only currently enrolled students are issued personal web folders and LAN accounts. All Student websites are located on the Student server and use the standard address: http://www.student.nvcc.edu/home/UserID.

    If you don't know your student userId, search for it by clicking on:
    Lan and Web ID Search
  4. How do I edit and transfer files to my web page?
    Web pages can be created and edited using a web editor such as Dreamweaver, Notepad, etc. Once a website has been created, it must be transferred or uploaded to the web folder. It can be sent to the web folder via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

    Click on the link to go to the page with the FTP settings:
    FTP Settings
  5. Why is my password not working for my NVSTU\userId?
    Your password may need to be reset. Contact the IT Help Desk to reset your password for the NVSTU\userId.