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Faculty & Staff Wireless Network

The NOVA wireless network is for NOVA Faculty, Staff and Students use only. Access to the wireless network is granted through your NOVA staff and NOVA student lan account. Use of theNOVA wireless network by non NOVA employees or students is forbidden. Sharing of lan accounts is also forbidden. All access through the network may be monitored and logged. Any illegal use of the wireless network will be reported to the proper authorities.

Supported Systems

  • Window 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Mac Os X
  • Mac Os X
  • Max Os X Leopard (10.3 and above)
  • Mac Os X Snow Leopard (10.6)
  • iPhone and iPod Touch

Follow the links below for basic instructions on configuring you wireless adapter for use on the NOVA wireless network. Please remember that specific instructions cannot be provided for all the different wireless adapter. You should be familiar with your specific wireless adapter and how to configure it before trying to connect to NOVA wireless.

Configuration instructions per operating system

If you need further assistance please contact the IT Help Desk at 703.426.4141 or email us at ithelpdesk@nvcc.edu.

Wireless Access Points


Bisdorf Building (AA):
1st Floor Cafeteria
2nd Floor Library main floor
3rd Floor Library upper floor
3rd Floor Phase 1 Lobby  
4th Floor Phase 1 lobby 
Engineering Building (AE):
Lobby (AE Lobby)
Garage Bay 
Tyler Building (AT):
Vending Machine Room 


2nd floor student lounge
2nd floor library
3rd floor nursing stations


Brault Building (CH):  
Room 109
Second and Third floor Lobby area
Ernst Cultural Center (CE) 
 Food Services Building (CF)
1st Floor cafeteria
Nursing Building (CN)
2nd Floor student study area
TV Tech Building (CT):
2nd Floor Adjunct’s Office
Godwin Building (CG):
2nd Floor (outside of Provost’s Office)
3rd Floor Lab
Outside Coverage 
Several access points are scattered around campus to provide wireless access to the outside quad area 


Waddell Building (LW)
100% wireless
Reynolds Building (LR) 
95% wireless
Non-Wireless Areas:
1st Floor - Room 144 and adjacent hallway area
2nd Floor - Rooms 269, 270 & 275 and adjacent hallway area


Howsmon Hall (MH):
1st Floor:  Cafeteria – Room 108
2nd Floor -  Room 217
3rd Floor - Room 300
Colgon Hall (MC):
1st Floor Library – Room 129
2nd Floor - Room 242
Pitney Bowes
6th Floor Staff area
Lab ‘D’

Medical Ed

1st Floor Library
1st, 2nd and 3rd floor Student Lounges
Provost Conference Room (not available to students)


Seefeldt Building (WC)
1st Floor Atrium (lounge area outside Room 102)
1st Floor Cyber Cafe
2nd Floor Provost’s Conference Room - 233D
3rd Floor Open Computer Lab – Room 336 and Room 350
4th Floor Library
4th Floor Atrium (lounge area outside Room 402)