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IT Accounts Form

To access this form go to: IT Accounts Request Form

General Form Information:

Accounts that each new type of employee general request:
New Adjunct Faculty:
New Staff:

Requestor Info

Requestor: Give name and contact information for the person for whom the service is being requested. If that person is not also the primary on-site contact, give the additional contact(s), as well.

Examples: Administrative Assistant, Adjunct, Director, Dean, Counselor, Librarian, etc.

Campus - (AL, AN, LO, MA, WO, MEC, CS),
Building - Building you will be working in (AA, CS, WC, LC, MA, ELI)
Room - Your room number; or Division/Department room number

Phone: Office or Departmental contact number

Employee Number: Social Security Number

Examples: Humanities & Social Sciences, Information Systems Technology, Learning Resources Services, etc. Supervisor Name: The direct report of the requestor.

Approval Info

Requestor signature and date: Required for access; please sign and date

Supervisor signature and printed name: Please print Supervisor's name and obtain their signature

Approval signature and printed name: Required for SIS accounts; please print Approving name; and obtain signature

Transaction Type

New employee: Check if you are a new employee

Transfer/update to existing accounts: Check if you are updating information or transferring from a department or campus

Employee leaving service: Check if you are retiring or resigning

Hire, transfer or termination date: List effective date of termination/resignation/retirement

Statewide Systems

CARS: Commonwealth Accounting & Reporting System. Access level to be determined by Supervisor.

CIPPS: Commonwealth Integrated Payroll/Personnel System. Access to be determined by Supervisor.

DIT-TSO: Department of Information Technology - Time-Sharing Option.

DMV: Division of Motor Vehicles. Access to be determined by Supervisor.

DOA-TSO: Department of Accounts - Time-Sharing Option

FRS: Financial Records System. Access and screens to be determined by Supervisor.

NOTIS: Library system. Access and screens to be determined by Supervisor.

NVCC-TSO: Northern Virginia Community College - Time-Sharing Option. Please provide datasets you require access to view or modify.

PMIS-workstation IP Address: Personnel Management Information System. Please provide your workstation IP (internet protocol) address. If you need assistance obtaining this; please call the IT HelpDesk (703) 426-4141.

STARS: State Tax Accounting and Reporting System. Access level to be determined by Supervisor.

Peoplesoft SIS

LARSTFNV A&R Staff/Offsite Coun/ELI/Test
LARSUPNV A&R Registrar & Designees
LARTRNNV A&R Staff/Offsite w/ trnscrpt
LBKNTYNV Bookstore
LBKSFRNV Bookstore
LBOOKANV Bookstore
LBUSOFNV Business Office Mgr & Staff
LCEALLNV CE Dir & Staff/Acad & Financial
LCEDIRNV CE Directors & Designees
LCEBUNV CE Dir & Staff/Business Office
LCNTRLNV Controller and Staff
LCURVPNV VP&Staff; Acad Stu Svs; Enrl 
LDVSTFNV Div Staff; HR; Coun; Dean of St; Library
LDVSUPNV Div Deans; Prog Heads; Provost
LFACNSNV Campus FA Counselor
LFALV1NV FA Dir; Sys Analyst; FA Asst
LFALV2NV FA Processors
LFALV3NV FA Loan Coordinators
LFALV4NV Pell Grant Coordinator
LFALV5NV FA Work Study Students
LGENRLNV Pres; Marketing; OIR; Tech App
LITHDNV College HelpDesk
LPOLPRNV Campus Police & Parking Srvs
LSUPVRNV Dean of Students/ELI Reg & Dir
LSWTBDNV College Switchboard
LVETADNV Vet Affairs Advisor
LVPFASNV VP F & A and Staff
LWEB Web Model Id

NVCC Systems

Network Account: This account will be used to access our network domain.

Personal network folder: This folder will be assigned by your Campus Information Technology Manager if a network folder is requested.

Personal web folder: This folder will be created; and rights assigned to the appropriate lan account. Standard webfolder address: \\Novaweb\home\USERNAME

E-mail account: To be used for college correspondence

E-mail distribution list membership: To be determined by Supervisor.

Retiring Employees Only

Retain network and email account: Check if you are retiring and would like to obtain your email account

Retain personal web folder: Check if you are retiring and would like to retain your web folder.

NVCC Phone Systems

Phone Extension:

Busy forward to extension:

No answer forward to extension:

Voicemail box - associated phone extension:

FAXmail box:

ACD queue membership:

Calling Capability


Long Distance:


In College Only:


Description and Justification

Please complete this section for justification for access to State-wide systems requested above.