Information Technology Committee
March 22, 1999
Present: Alison Baker, Lowell Ballard, Gen Chu, Nancy Gleeson, Sue Hintz, Gail Kettlewell, Robert McGrory, Dan Riley, Steven Sachs (chair), Judd Sage, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas, Barbara Wyles

Absent: Max Bassett, Arnold Bradford, Tom Butler, Neil Reynolds, Charlotte Wilhelmi

Guests: Cathy Simpson, Jon Wiggs

  1. Minutes Approved

  2. Minutes of the January 25, 1999, ITC Meeting were approved.
  3. Review of 1999 - 2001 Technology Plan

  4. Dr. Sachs gave an overview of the Draft Technology Plan. A number of changes were proposed for the plan that will be incorporated in the next draft of the plan. Among these are the following (though this list is not comprehensive): clarification in the Expectations section by using verbs that indicate that many of these expectations have already been met, indicating that the College will continue to convert courses to use technology (the current wording suggests the College had not begun the process), label TSS as the centralized unit described in the expectations section. It was also suggested that the term "reassigned time" be used in place of "release time." Dr. Sachs pointed out that the Expectations section comes from the VCCS, the complete plan goes beyond these expectations. It was also requested that the plan describe the funding of the 10 technology positions so it is clear they are not "grant" funded and are regular permanent positions. Dean Baker and Dr. Sachs indicated it appears that additional funding has been obtained for replacing obsolete equipment, which will allow additional ETF funds to be spent on technology. In addition, additional funds are available due to increased funding of the 10 positions covered by the technology plan. There was considerable discussion of how the additional funds should be allocated. The decisions are reflected in the March 31 draft of the Technology Plan.

    It was also pointed out during the meeting that there was interest in increasing the number of PCs beyond the 1/7% of FTES specified by the VCCS. The plan does not restrict campuses from using additional ETF funds or other Technology Plan funds to purchase additional PCs.

  5. Use of College Software on Home Computers

  6. Mr. Ballard indicated that some College licenses allow faculty and staff to use the software on home computers. He distributed a sample form and gave a brief description of the procedure that could be followed to facilitate this use. In the interest of time, discussion was postponed until the April meeting.
  7. Acceptable Use

  8. Dean Baker indicated that no changes had been proposed to the Acceptable Use policy presented at the last meeting. The Acceptable Use policy was approved by the ITC as presented.
  9. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the ITC will be held on April 26, 1:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the Brault Building.


Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs

Acting Dean of Academic and Student Services And Acting Committee Chair:


pc: Dr. Wheelan