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Information Technology Committee
September 24, 1996 Minutes

                Information Technology Committee
                       September 24, 1996

Present:  Max Bassett (Chair),  Arnold Bradford, Gene Brown for Daniel Himes, Tom
          Butler, Gen Sen Chu for Laura McCullough, George Duffy,  Fran Emory, Yitna
          Firdyiwek, Paul McVeigh, Vince Pizzurro, Neil Reynolds, Steven Sachs, Lionel
          Sylvas, Charlotte Wilhelmi.

Absent:   Gail Kettlewell

1.   Committees' Roles
     The purpose statements for each of the major committees involved in NVCC Information
     Technology governance were reviewed: Information Technology Committee, Operations
     and Applications Committee, Campus Instructional Technology Groups.  There was
     discussion on the role of the existing Campus Teaching, Learning and Technology
     Roundtables.  Several of the campuses have combined the CITGs with the TLTRs.  At
     one campus, the groups are different, but the chairs of each are members of both groups.

2.   Technology Funds
     The technology funds available for implementing the College Information Technology Plan
     will be spent in four areas: network infrastructure, hardware, training and personnel.  The
     sources of these funds are as follows:

          Source                   Year 1              Year 2 (est.)

          Equipment Trust Fund          $ 1,487,115         $ 1,487,115
          Technology Fee                    636,030             636,030
          General Funds                     696,228             696,228
          Professional Development           68,825              68,825
          Capital Funds                     665,952                --

          Total                         $ 3,554,150         $ 2,888,198

     George Duffy indicated that Equipment Trust Fund money can be used for technology
     equipment that will be used in any instructional office, classroom or lab.

3.   Network Infrastructure
     The Computing and Information Systems staff expects to complete their detailed survey of
     campus computing infrastructure within the next two weeks.  They are mapping all
     cabling, wall outlets and communication room equipment.  The results of this survey will
     allow the committee to determine how much infrastructure still needs to be completed.  It
     will also allow the Committee to make a final decision on whether it is less costly to
     complete the infrastructure using Token Ring or to use Ethernet for new installations.

4.   Information Technology Issues
     The Committee discussed a number of topics to identify issues and decisions that have to
     be made in the near future.  The decision-making process should include a determination
     of costs, benefits and implications.  Among the issues discussed were:

     a.   Network Design - Decisions must be made on cabling priorities, Token Ring vs.
          Ethernet, migration from LAN server and OS-2 to NT and Windows 95, location
          of new servers, etc.

      b.  Software - There are currently three operating systems that are approved for use
          on college computers (DOS/Windows 3.1, Windows 95, OS-2), and a number of
          different word processing products (Word Perfect 5.x, Word Perfect 6.x, MS
          Word 6.0).  Decisions need to be make on selection of one or more standard
          Office Suites, an e-mail product(s), standardization on an operating system(s) for
          desktops and the network.  On software issues, it remains to be determined
          whether there will be a college-wide standard or just guidelines, and whether any
          individual deviations will be allowed.  These software issues were referred to the
          Operations and Applications Committee.

     c.   Priorities for cabling and equipment - Even in advance of the complete CIS
          study of the current infrastructure, campuses should begin to identify their
          priorities for additional cabling and equipment consistent with the College-wide

     d.   Computer repair outsourcing - The plan calls for the current microcomputer
          repair staff to become responsible for network operations.  Equipment repair will
          be handled through existing warranty/maintenance agreements, replacement of old
          equipment or other outside repair.  Procedures and policies need to be developed
          on who will be the liaison with the repair facilities, how equipment will be shipped,
          who will pay for repairs, how will repair costs be budgeted, etc.  These issues will
          be discussed at the next meeting of the Committee.

     e.   Computer/Software purchasing - Specific discussion was put on hold pending
          completion of the infrastructure study so that the Committee would know how
          much money will be available.  It was noted that adequate security devises should
          be included in the purchase of equipment.

     f.   Budget allocation - A specific strategy for allocating the available funds and new
          equipment has not been developed.  Figures will be analyzed on a campus-by-campus
          basis to determine how much is needed to bring all campuses to the
          established standard.  There was interest in developing a process that avoids
          penalizing those who have already invested in new technology.  A subcommittee of
          Steven Sachs, George Duffy, Lionel Sylvas, Paul McVeigh and Laura
          McCullough was established to develop recommendations and options for
          presentation at the next meeting of the Committee.  Mr. Duffy will chair this

     g.   Training and staff development - Discussion on training and staff development
          was deferred until other decisions on software, migration timing, and equipment
          purchases have been made.  A request was made to allow the campus TLTRs to
          have some funds for organizing training on instructional uses of software and

     h.   New positions - A subcommittee of Steven Sachs, Arnold Bradford and Tom
          Butler was appointed to develop a generic component for the job descriptions for
          the new technology positions.  Dr. Sachs will chair this activity.  Mr. Duffy will
          work with Human Resources to obtain position numbers, job titles and grades for
          these positions.  Applicants will be allowed to apply for one or more of the
          available positions covering their choice of work locations.

     I..  Communications with the college community - There was agreement that it is
          important to let the entire college community know what is happening with respect
          to implementation of the plan.  It was suggested that a monthly feature be added to
          the Intercom ("Did You Know...") similar to that used during the past
          reaffirmation of accreditation process.  This feature could include a summary of
          Committee meeting notes.  It was also suggested that a symbol or logo be
          developed to identify the project.  In addition it was suggested that the following
          be used to help regularly communicate with the entire college: e-mail, a web page,
          CITGs, and a semesterly newsletter reporting on activities, decisions, etc.  It was
          also suggested that the campuses hold campus-wide meetings for all faculty and
          staff to talk about the plan.  A subcommittee of Fran Emory, Charlotte Wilhelmi
          and Steven Sachs was appointed to work on communication issues.  Dr. Emory
          was asked to chair this activity.

5.   External Consultation
     There are no current plans to hire additional consultants to help with implementation of
     the College-wide plan, unless additional expertise on a specific issue  is needed in the
     future.  It was suggested that Mr. Larry Hengehold, VCCS Vice Chancellor of
     Information Technology, be contacted if outside assistance is needed.

6.   Student Information System
     Discussion of a process and committee to begin planning for a new VCCS-wide SIS was
     deferred until a future meeting.

7.   ELI Representation
     The Committee approved adding the chair of ELI's CITG to the official membership of
     the Information Technology Committee.  The current chair is John Senor.

8.   Summary of Pending Items
     a.   Completion of existing infrastructure survey - CIS Staff
     b.   Selection of college-wide software - Operations and Applications Committee
     c.   Cable and equipment priorities - Campuses to begin identification process
     d.   Project budget allocation strategy - Mr. Duffy's subcommittee
     e.   New positions job descriptions - Dr. Sachs' subcommittee
     f.   Communication with the college strategies - Dr. Emory's subcommittee
     g.   Computer repair outsourcing - ITC

9.   Next Meeting
     The next meeting of the Instructional Technology Committee is scheduled for Friday,
     October 18, 9:30 a.m., in the Board Room of the Brault Building.

                              Notes prepared by:

                              Steven G. Sachs
                              Associate Dean for Information Technology

                              Committee Chair:

                              Max L. Bassett
                              Dean of Academic and Student Services

cc:  Members
     Dr. Ernst

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