Information Technology Committee
September 14, 2000
Present: Alison Baker, Lowell Ballard, Max Bassett (chair), Tom Butler, Gen Chu, Sue Hintz, Kevin Kelley, Gail Kettlewell, Dan Riley, Steven Sachs, Judd Sage, John Sener, Lionel Sylvas, Tony Tardd, Peter Tharp, Charlotte Wilhelmi, Dave Williams, Barbara Wyles   Guests: Stacey Pendelton, Sushie Rath, Cathy Simpson, Carol Turner  
  1. Minutes Approved

  2. Minutes of the June 19, 2000, ITC Meeting were approved.

  3. Technology Plan Addition

  4. The VCCS approved the 2000-2001 Technology Plan, but asked that additional narrative be added dealing with student support services for distance education students. The ITC approved the following addition to the Technology Plan:

    Students have access to a wide variety of support services that range from academic advising to tutoring to assistance with library research to career counseling. Traditionally, these services were readily available to on-campus student through the appropriate campus offices. As email and Web use at the college grew, many of these same support services were also made available, in varying degrees, electronically. Sometimes access to the services is provided electronically--as with on-line library materials. At other times, access to the staff is provided--as with advising by email. In other cases, we electronically provide a description of the service and information on accessing it--as with placement testing. The issue is especially important to distance education students. The specials needs of students who are either only taking courses through distance education or who primarily want to deal with the college electronically are also being given greater attention in the plans and activities of support service units. Over the past year, we have combined links to the various electronic information services under a single "Virtual Campus" heading. During 2000-2001 the College will work at further streamlining electronic access to support services to make them easier to identify and find; and will work on making more of these services fully accessible electronically for those who cannot or choose not to come to campus.

  5. Requests for Advanced Technology Funds

  6. The following requests for special funding from the Advanced Technology Funds in the Technology Plan were approved:

    Compressed Video Upgrade to H.323           $15,000
    Woodbridge Photography Building Cabling     $14,000
    Annandale A&R Scanning Project                  $9,000
    Dogwood Project                                          $11,000

    The remaining $5,000 will be held in reserve.

  7. Training Plan

  8. Four corrections were made to the draft plan that was distributed. Under A.2. (Outsourced Off-site Technology Training), the amount was reduced from $62,000 to 52,000. A new item, A.6. (Training Materials), $10,000 was added. Item B.4. (Cost Assistance for Attendance at Conferences.) was deleted. The term "Classified Staff" was substituted for the term "Faculty" in Item B.5. (Cost Assistance for Attendance.through HRD Plan). Ms. Pendelton reported that the Outsourced training contract negotiating had begun with a planned contract start date of October 1. The entire contracting process has taken 6 months, much longer than initially expected. The Draft Training Plan was linked to college goals and objectives and was also reviewed by the College TLTR. The plan as corrected above was approved.

  9. Instructional Software Support Funds

  10. The ITC discussed a process for soliciting and reviewing proposals for the Instructional Software Support Funds provided in the Technology Plan. Priorities are established in the Plan. Dr. Sachs will issue a call for proposals to faculty. Faculty at the January discipline cluster meetings will have the opportunity to consider and develop proposals. Proposals will be submitted to the College TLTR by February 1. The College TLTR will consult with the LRCs and Student Development staff as part of the selection process. Proposals should have the approval of the relevant division chairs. Recommendations from the College TLTR will be sent to the ITC for final approval. This process was approved by the ITC.

  11. Ethernet Conversion and IP Phones

  12. Dr. Sachs described the plan, timeline and the use of additional staff for installation support. Due to the poor conditions of the PBXs at Manassas and Woodbridge, they will be moved up in the project timetable. The new system will allow the College to control some features. Campus staff will have responsibility for operating any equipment on the campuses, though improved monitoring and troubleshooting will be possible centrally. The new system should not require extensive campus involvement, and should be much less effort to deal with telephone-related issues than the current system.

  13. New Student Information System

  14. Dr. Sachs reported on the implementation of the new Student Information System. Committees have been appointed to work on various aspects of the implementation process. The College is entering the training phase of the implementation process. Actual implementation will begin during Fall 2001, with full conversion by January 1, 2002. Information on the new SIS and implementation progress will be provided through Intercom and through the Web.

  15. Photos on Web Phone Directory Pages

  16. The ITC approved removing the template for photos on the Web Phone Directory pages since so few people made use of photos.

  17. MP3 Policy

  18. The ITC approved the following policy on the storage of audio and video files on college servers. "MP3 or other audio or video files may not be stored on college servers unless specifically for instructional purposes or have the approval of a division chair or unit administrator." This policy will be forwarded to the Administrative Council and will appear in appropriate handouts.

  19. New Business
The state is promoting a new "Seat Management" contract for state agencies. This contract provides for outsourcing desktop computer purchasing, installation and support. It appears that the cost is much greater than current college costs, and cannot be paid for with ETF funds that currently pay for the purchase of computers. The VCCS is monitoring developments and will notify the College of any responses that are required by the state.

The new Administrative Information System may not be implemented until July 1, 2003. Committees are just beginning work on adapting the software from PeopleSoft.

Dave Williams asked if we could coordinate purchases under ETF to get better quantity prices. Dean Baker agreed to check with Fred Marks, Director of Material Management. She noted that this could slow up procurement since larger quantities could require the college to solicit bids due to the total cost. It was suggested that the Purchasing Office notify campuses of good prices they have negotiated on items frequently purchased by multiple units.

11. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the ITC is scheduled for November 2 at 9:30 A.M.


Max Bassett
Dean of Academic and Student Services

Notes prepared by:

Steven G. Sachs
Dean of Information Technology

pc: Dr. Wheelan